Ally Bally Bee Project Update!

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Just a quick post about where we’re at with the Ally Bally Bee Project at the moment – the project behind the world’s first children’s book about dementia that my husband Matthew has been working so hard on for over 2 years now. I’m excited to say that the book is finally here and has been sent out to everybody who ordered it through Kickstarter, woohoo!

Even though the final website through which you’ll be able to easily order the book is not finished yet, you can now PRE-ORDER THE BOOK HERE! On Thursday we had a reporter from BBC Scotland come to our flat to interview us about the project, and the article she wrote you can read here. The interview also aired on BBC Scotland Radio on Friday morning, but I could only listen to it once as it gave me serious cringe attacks to hear my own voice…

On Saturday morning Anna Moffat who specialises in taking photos of babies and children came to our flat to take some professional snaps of the book and five very professional 4-6-year olds. Anna who’s got three kids herself was great with the little ones and obviously also takes amazing photos!

We were all impressed by how natural all the children were in front of the camera. Can’t wait to see the photos!

anna moffat photo shoot

Our flat hasn’t been this tidy in months!

Whilst Anna and the model were working hard Elsa was babysitting behind the scenes.

My boss’s boys also did a fantastic job whilst…

…they very professionally tried to ignore Lana playing with their beloved Godzilla toys haha. All the kids were rewarded with a goody bag at the end of their shift that was just a tiny thank you for them coming all the way to our flat on a Saturday morning. They were little stars (with amazing parents)!

Afterwards we celebrated with some pizza at Origano – here’s Lana giving Matthew a “well done pappa”-kiss.

After pizza you naturally need some cake, so we walked to a newish vegan place called Holy Cow – and holy cow were these vegan cakes good! The icing on the red velvet cake was made with tofu cream cheese (had to ask!) and even better than the “real” stuff. Will be back very soon.

And after cake you naturally have smoothies haha! Needless to say we had a light dinner that day!

Please spread the word about the project – especially if you know someone with young children who are struggling to understand a loved one’s dementia.

x Nina x

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