A Beachy Weekend

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Here I am blogging again! The UK has seen the warmest weekend this year so far, and even Scotland has enjoyed some warmer temperatures – which means that even if I have a cold I’ve had to head out to enjoy the “heat”. Because in this country you really need to seize these days! So here are some photos from the past few days, taken with my crappy phone…

Friday was the warmest day with 25 degrees, so I decided I had to take Lana to a beach as she enjoys it so much. We headed to Silverknowes just next to Cramond – where the beach cafe also is.

This little girl was all geared up for the beach with her sundress, sunhat, sunglasses, suncream, bucket, spade and shoes you can go in the water with.

Pop joined us as well and Lana helped him build a sandcastle.

It wasn’t long until Lana was in the water and her dress and nappy got soaked (really need to start potty training her!). She didn’t want to get out and tried to just throw herself into the water – that’s how much she loves swimming.

After the beach we headed to Nana and Pop’s for some afternoon chilling – and more water games.

Isn’t this the coolest hairdresser you’ve ever seen??

Saturday wasn’t as warm so we decided to go to the monthly Drill Hall flea market – and as these two looked so cool we stopped for a photo.

This is Lana’s pose when you say “cheese”.

Lana found herself a little purse at the flea market that she proudly carried around like a little lady.

We also got her this cute little rattan chair that keeps falling over when she tries to sit it in…But hey, at least it looks nice and goes well with our plants!

We then headed to John Lewis to buy a little food processor I can chop nuts and stuff with (Matthew dropped the one we had and broke it) and Lana pretended to have a wee nap in the rug section (she’s even taken her shoes off haha). I actually quite like that rug so good choice!

As I hadn’t been to the newly refurbished top floor cafe we went there for a bite to eat. Looked very nice and fresh – with great views of course. Matthew recently bought a new beard oil, which coincides with Lana’s hair suddenly getting greasy – so we figured there must be a connection…

Sunday was warmer again so we took the bus to Portobello for some more beach-time. The clouds cleared away later and the sun came out and there was that lovely chilled Sunday beach-vibe.

A little girl who’s been in the water again and gotten her trousers all wet. Luckily I had another pair with me!

There’s a Portobello heritage trail with 21 stops around Portobello, and these beautiful pillars that were rescued from a nearby garden is one of them.

Lana was running around like crazy (like she always is) and the only way to get her to sit still for two seconds is to give her something to snack on. I really hope our next kid is a little bit calmer and more manageable…

And of course we had to sit down for some lunch and an ice cream. And btw, it was Matthew who got me that ice cream!

Happy moments in the life of a two year old <3

People were actually swimming in the sea. Brrr.

We popped into the amusement arcade, which quickly made Lana abandon the rest of her ice cream.

And another drive…That place was so noisy that I could never work there!

We left the arcade to catch the bus back, which obviously resulted in a toddler tantrum…When we got back we skyped my parents and cousin Max and Lana decided she’s not going to wear a nappy anymore. She even went and got her panties and put them on instead. This resulted in a number of not so nice accidents around the house – maybe she’s trying to tell us she’s ready to get potty trained?! Just need to find the energy for it somewhere first…

Hope you’ve had a nice weekend too!

x Nina x