A Beautiful Impromptu Wedding

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Just came back from a 4-hour walk around a very sunny and warm Edinburgh. My legs feel like we’ve walked around the whole city, but will still go to the gym soon for some more leg torture…

The wedding we attended last Monday was quite organised and ‘weddingy’ although the bride and groom only had two weeks to plan it. The short ceremony was in a registry office, after which we all went to a Swedish-inpired bar/restaurant called Hemma (at home). The venue was nice, and there was food, drink, cake(s), music, DJ and speeches. Surprisingly many people managed to make it although it was on a Monday, and all in all it was a really nice day and evening!


The lovely bride and groom flew to Doha, Qatar, the following morning for work. (Couples must be married to live together in Qatar.)


Such a good idea to have several different cakes – something for everyone!


Earlier today we walked through a posh area and found this lovely street…Matthew felt drawn to it immediately.

Union Canal Edinburgh

The aim of our Sunday stroll was to get to Union canal and walk along it for a bit.

Canny Mans Edinburgh

On the way back we popped into Canny Mans pub and restaurant that I’ve wanted to visit for ages. It is one of those traditional, welcoming pubs with nooks and crannies and hundreds of little interesting details. Really want to go back when it’s cold and dark outside and have a glass of red wine!


Last but not least, thought you might be interested to see what I found when I was sorting our recyclables (that had been in a bag for appr. 10 days)…A mould turd! I was really fascinated by it (Matthew not so much) as it had just grown from nothing to something that big and green in so little time. Scary.

I’ll leave you with this image – have a great start of the week!

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