A Day in Glasgow

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Hi all!

It’s been a beautiful, sunny day here in Edinburgh today, there is definitely spring in the air! I’ve been working from home today, for a very silly reason. When I got to the office this morning the alarm was beeping loudly – probably because of the power cut in the area on Saturday night. We all tried to get the alarm to stop, but nothing worked – and the only one who knew how to make it stop couldn’t be reached. After an hour or so I just gave up and went home to work instead – that constant, loud, beeping noise was driving me insane!

Anyway, last week was exhausting for many reasons, so came home on Friday totally knackered. Luckily a good night’s sleep gave me energy to get up “early” on Saturday, get on the train and finally, finally visit Glasgow properly! (I’ve lived in Edinburgh for almost a year and still not managed to visit the city – shameful.) By train you can get to Glasgow in less than an hour, for only £12 return – so there were really no excuses!

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland with almost 600 000 inhabitants (around 1 750 000 in Greater Glasgow). Have to say that there is quite a sharp contrast between the cities; Edinburgh is a quieter, more traditional and very picturesque city, whereas Glasgow is an industrial, modern city with a rough reputation. Both are charming in their own ways though!

As we were told the Science Centre is worth a visit, we decided to give it a go. We thought we’d just walk along the river as it’s not that far from the train station…Again our excellent planning skills failed us (as well as Matthew’s map reading skills) and we ended up walking for ages and getting lost in car parks and building sites. (The riverside is not the nicest part of Glasgow.) The Science Centre was worth the trek though, and we easily killed a few hours lost in the world of science. Read more about it here.

We were also told that Ashton Lane in Kelvinbridge in the West End is worth visiting. It’s a nice, cobbled street with vintage shops, cute bars and cafes. After another long trek (why did I wear high heels??) we found the place, starving, so we somehow ended up in a gourmet burger restaurant called Ketchup on Ashton Lane… After a delicious burger (and a milkshake) a drink was in order, so we went in to probably 10 different bars before we found one where we could actually sit down. What I noticed on our bar hopping spree was that many people seem to bring their small children to bars – don’t know if it’s tradition in Glasgow or just a random ‘bring your child to the pub-night’.

Matthew’s brother and girlfriend happened to be just around the corner, so we had drinks with them at the Bookclub, and a few cheeky games of table tennis. At 10 pm we got on the Glasgow tube, that consists of just one line that goes around in a circle (reminded me of the simple one line metro we have in Helsinki) and got on the train back to the Burgh. Matthew was sound asleep when we arrived, so we decided to be lazy and take a taxi home. Driving home in the taxi, almost at the flat, all lights suddenly went dark – even the streetlights. Which is the reason why I was working from home today!

trainstation buchanan bird buildings

Glasgow Science Centre inside

walkway Glasgow University Ashton Lane Glasgow Kelvinbridge Ketchup Gourmet Burger Restaurant Glasgow The Bookclub Glasgow photo_6

There is obviously still a lot more to explore in Glasgow, so will definitely go there soon again – especially after discovering how easy and cheap it is to get there.

Night night!

x Nina x