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I was reading a “my day” blog post by a Finnish mummy blogger, and decided that I want to do one as well – don’t know about you but I’m always curious about what a normal weekday looks like for other people with children. I’ve done a photo an hour post in the past, but that was on a Sunday when we usually get out and do more – so this time I want to make sure it’s just a normal weekday. Here’s what last Wednesday looked like:

7.50 Lana wakes me up and we go through to the living room where Matthew is sleeping to get him up too. Lana kept waking up a lot the previous night, so he decided he’d get more sleep in the living room. Lana must’ve been tired from the restless night, because she slept a lot better and I actually felt (almost) rested.


Lana plays with her toys for a while until she finds her cup and starts playing with it too, licking water off the table…


8.30 I feel so energised by having slept a bit better that I even put some make up on haha.


9.00 I have my usual breakfast consisting of banana porridge with seeds, cinnamon, almonds, coconut oil and blueberries – Lana has started having the same thing as well which makes things easier. Blueberries is still one of her favourite foods, so she has them several times a week. As you can see that cup is really interesting.


9.40 We head out into the grey.


9.50 Lana has a doctor’s appointment in order to get a referral to the allergy clinic. They’ll hopefully do another prick test to determine if she’s allergic to egg or something else. Or perhaps it’s just eczema.


10.15 We walk the 10-minute walk into town, and I spot another pretty Edinburgh door on the way I just have to take a photo of. The walk is uphill so it’s like a mini-workout.


We pop in to one of my favourite stores, Boots. I rarely manage to leave without buying stuff I didn’t go there to buy, but today I actually only get the one thing I had on my list…


…namely this facial oil by L’oreal that I read about in another blog I follow. I’ve got quite dry skin during winter, but find that applying a fatty cream under makeup makes the end result a bit cakey – so hoping this quickly absorbing oil will do the trick. I’ve tried it without make up and it really does absorb quickly and feels nice on the skin – just wish the oil wasn’t scented.


Lana’s outgrown her white cardigan that goes so well with everything, so we headed to H&M to buy her a new one – and couldn’t resist buying the grey dotted dress that was on sale…


12.00 We’re back home and it’s time for Lana’s lunch according to the new daily routine the supernanny created. On the menu is spinach crepes and avocado. Lana only eats a little bit before she starts trying to stand up in her chair – something she’s started doing all the time and is sooo annoying.


12.30 Lana’s wee friend Max comes over for a playdate so that his mummy can attend a work meeting.


They play and get along well, very well judging by this photo! We’ve taught Lana to kiss, but not on the mouth – so don’t know where she got that from haha!

13.00 Matthew gets back from the office and will work from home for the rest of the day. He was supposed to come home so that I could put Lana to bed according to the supernanny’s schedule, but the minute Max saw him he started crying so change of plans!


13.20 Luckily this wee fella is so tired that he falls asleep in my lap and I can then put Lana to bed on schedule.


13.40 Both babies asleep and I can finally have my daily cup of decaf coffee. The best part of it is that I get to froth the milk in our Nespresso milk frother 🙂

14.45 Max mum comes back just before he wakes up and 15 minutes later Lana wakes up too.


16.00 We go for a walk so Matthew can work undisturbed.


We head to the Botanics and go inside the Glass House to check it out as my friend has never been inside.


17.00 We get back when Matthew is just finishing work.


I start preparing for tonight’s dinner: a nut roast from our new vegan cookbook.


17.15 I usually always turn on the TV when Pointless is on, even if I’m often doing other things at the same time – just like having it on in the background for some reason.

18.00 I continue cooking.

18.30 Matthew gives Lana her dinner. She tries pomegranate for the first time and absolutely loves it. We also give her some Shepherd’s pie but she hates it.

19.00 Still in the kitchen and Matthew gets Lana ready for bed before leaving for his football game.

20.00 I put Lana to bed and she drops off quickly. I do the dishes, tidy up the kitchen and take out the nut roast from the oven.


20.30 I use my new dry brush and shower afterwards. I’ve been brushing for a few days now and quite like it, but can’t say I’ve noticed any big changes yet. Any dry brushers out there?


20.45 I finally sit down to have dinner. I prefer to eat earlier as I can’t sleep if I’m too full, but often dinnertime tends to be closer to 9pm. The nut roast tastes nice but is a bit too moist once again (what am I doing wrong??). I have it with a butterbean paste and pomegranate. I chuck the broccoli I was supposed to have as I find a little worm in it 🙁


I have a piece of my homemade oat, blueberry and almond granola bar for dessert.

21.00 I get my laptop and start writing this post whilst watching a TV programme about some celebrities trying out what it’s like to be homeless. It’s actually quite thought-provoking although I’m usually not a fan of reality TV shows with celebrities in them.

21.30 Matthew gets home from football.

23.00 Lana wakes up crying, but falls asleep quickly when I rub her back a little.

23.20 I put down my laptop and go to bed. Thanks for spending the day with us!

x Nina x