A Day In Tallinn

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While in Finland we decided to visit Tallinn for a day so Matthew would see something else than my lovely home country on his holiday. It’s only two hours away by ferry, and the tickets are quite cheap too, as are the prices in Tallinn. I can’t remember how many times I’ve visited the city, but I really like the old medieval town (that is also the main tourist trap.)

What I haven’t noticed as much before was how many Finns go to Tallinn purely to buy cheap alcohol (the alcohol tax is lower). There were loads of people getting on board in Helsinki with empty trolleys that were filled with as much booze as they could hold on the way back. My dad actually bought all the alcohol for my brother’s wedding in Tallinn. I’m interested to see when they put a stop to this…


Matthew posing on the ferry next to the Estonian flag.


Have to admit that Matthew took this photo that I really like in all its simplicity. Fact of the day: Tallinn was known as ‘Reval’ until 1917.


My parents wondering where we are. My mum looks like a true bad-ass.


We had a great lunch at a place that would’ve been so much more expensive in Finland or the UK. A big glass of nice Pinot Grigio for only £3! (The highlight of my day.)


My dad contemplating life. Can you find the Finnish flag?


Hanging from a lamp post is scary.


Matthew chatting up an Estonian chick who is trying to ignore him.


The main square in the old town – packed with tourists in the summer.


I took this photo, must say I’m pleased with the result.

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