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After having lived in Edinburgh for 3 years, my parents finally made it over for a visit. I guess I’ve been going to Finland so frequently over the past couple of years that there hasn’t really been a need for a visit, but it was nice to be able to show them my beautiful Edinburgh at last! This is what we got up to:


My mum and dad arrived on Thursday morning, and after having checked out our flat we had lunch at our local pub, Hamilton’s. My dad was able to indulge in his favourite British food, fish and chips!


After the meal we checked in my parents at their hotel and had a wee lie down. My mum recently bought a smartphone, so this is what I have to deal with now!


Although my parents had had an early start there was no time for hanging about – so we headed to the Old Town and Edinburgh Castle.


We obviously had to get a classic tourist shot in front of the castle.


As it was pretty freezing we only admired the castle from the outside and then stepped inside one of the souvenir shops to get warm. We ventured further inside and found this huge hall – had no idea that it was there!


My dad embracing Scottish style.


I decided it was time to finally take a look inside St Giles High Kirk, so that’s we’re we headed. I have to say it’s one of the most beautiful cathedrals I’ve ever visited and it was totally worth paying £2 for the photo permit. So that means there will be a blog post dedicated to St Giles soon 🙂


We continued our wander around the Old Town and its nooks and crannies. Here’s Advocate’s Close from where you can get a nice shot of the Scott Monument. Continue down the steps and you’ll find one of Edinburgh’s best bars, The Devil’s Advocate.


After a quick visit to the hotel we met up with Matthew and had dinner at the Olive Branch on Broughton Street. This is the only photo from there haha – it’s the first time Lana’s sported a pony tail…Still not much hair on that wee head though!


Saturday looked pretty bleak, but luckily the weather wasn’t as bad as we thought it was going to be. We sought shelter inside the National Galleries and had a peek at the RSA art & architecture exhibition, which was quite interesting.


Afterwards we took my folks to the beautiful old department store Jenners for some shopping.


We had a bite to eat on Cockburn street and then continued towards Greyfriars Kirkyard where the famous Bobby the dog is buried.


You’ll see Bobby’s grave right after walking through the gates. The story goes that after Bobby’s master died and was buried on Greyfriars cemetery, Bobby stayed by his grave for 14 years until he died at the age of 16. He became quite the tourist attraction, but if you look at pictures from the time you can see that after around 8 years the dog suddenly looks completely different – so what probably happened is that the real Bobby died and to keep the tourist coming they replaced him with another dog…


The graveyard was so pretty (ashamed I haven’t been there before!) that I’ll have to dedicate a whole blog post to it!


We were starting to get hungry so we basically just crossed the street to the National Museum and the Tower restaurant on the fifth floor. The time had come for my parents to be introduced to a British institution: the afternoon tea!


It was quite a fancy place but Lana was still welcomed and they even brought her a high chair.


The afternoon tea was good but nothing too special to be honest. The actual tea that I’m usually not too bothered about was probably the highlight!


After having stuffed our faces with cake we took the elevator down to the museum and spent some time learning about the history of Scotland.


Lana found some interesting buttons she kept pressing over and over again…After having checked out the stuffed animals we decided it was time to get home. We went to the shop to pick up some pizza ingredients, wine and local beers and went back to the flat to eat and chill out with my folks.


I had a work event I had to attend on Saturday morning (will do a post about that too!), so Matthew took my parents to the Botanics where my mum could fill her phone with photos of flowers.


Lana checking out the daffodils. I didn’t finish until 3pm when I met up with my parents for a quick lunch and some souvenir shopping.


At 7pm our friend arrived to babysit Lana, and we got in a taxi that took us to a Scottish restaurant called The Cellar Door. We were all happy with the food, but the restaurant was pretty busy and the waiters a bit stressed out.


On Sunday morning I took my parents to see this lovely little lane right next to where we live, Circus Lane, and then we had breakfast at a local hotspot, the Pantry.


After brekkie we had a quick look at the weekly Stockbridge Market and then started walking towards Matthew’s parents place.


I really wanted to take mum and dad to Dean Village even though it was a bit of a detour. More flower photos being taken here…


It’s such a nice walk by the Water of Leith, and right on our doorstep! Again, Dean Village deserves a blog post of its own 🙂


The walk continued past Clarendon Crescent – one of those Edinburgh streets you can only dream of living on…


Lana decided to take a little nap.


We walked past this lovely garden filled with flowers – it’s nice when people put effort into their outdoor spaces, especially since these spaces often aren’t very big in a city.


And finally we reached our destination so Lana’s grandparents could meet for the first time! We had a lovely Sunday roast cooked by Matthew’s mum, but before we knew it the time had come to say goodbye to my parents and for them to head back to the airport!

It was a good four days but there’s still loads to see so another visit is required soon! 🙂

x Nina x