A Family Weekend

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It’s been just the three of us all weekend and even though we haven’t had any special plans we’ve managed to come up with lots of fun stuff to do (and eat). I like to have plans for the weekends and can feel a bit anxious and stressed even if we don’t, so I’ll always make sure we get out after breakfast at least on one of the days. Does anyone else feel this way? I mean, as a parent I should enjoy days where I don’t have to do anything right?!

Since we didn’t have any plans I decided I want to climb Calton Hill and be a bit of a tourist. On the way we walked up a street Matthew has never ever been on. It’s nice to discover new places in our home town isn’t it?

Edinburgh houses are just the prettiest.

That’s the Scottish Government House you see in the back. A massive Art Deco building that many don’t like the look of. I can’t decide if I like it or not…

We walked to the top and when Lana saw this view she shouted “wow” – exactly what I feel every time I come up here. Which is nowhere near as often as I should.

This view called for a selfie with my daughter <3

Not sure what these two are doing.

On the other side you have fantastic views of the sea and Arthur’s Seat. You can see Holyroodhouse too – the Queen’s Scottish residence. I miss going running on those hills when we lived nearby!

And this is Matthew being forced to taking a photo…I’m still so happy with my new coat!

It looked like it was going to rain so we walked down on the other side and passed this cool graffiti on the way.

My boss posted about this cafe/shop on Instagram on Friday, which made me want to visit asap – so that was our next stop! I will actually do a post of this gem of a place later this week!

The lane next to the cafe caught my eye and ended up on a photo.

Inside Century General Store – it’s one of those places I find really hard to leave without buying anything. Scroll down to see what it was! 🙂

We had some sandwiches and Lana got some toasted banana bread.

Lana’s restlessness got so bad that we had to leave without having a coffee. Since we were in the area I wanted to pop into Art and Vintage that I’ve blogged about before.

I love the space of the cafe/shop – so much light!

And so many lovely things – many with a Scandi background. I really liked those vintage scissors, but couldn’t justify buying them for myself…When looking at this photo I really like the look of that pink plate/bowl too <3

But once I saw these art deco candle holders from the 1920s I forgot all about needing justification and bought them straight away haha. £12,50 didn’t sound like a bad price to me either!

And here’s what I picked up for Matthew at our lunch-spot: a Frank Green reusable SmartCup – the world’s smartest coffee cup apparently. I’m so sick of the constant coffee leakages from Matthew’s current cup that I decided to buy this one for him as a late Valentine’s gift (my justification for buying it). So far so good and it seems to be a great buy!

We popped into TK Maxx since we were in the area and let Lana loose in the toy section. And she found this.

She loves scaring people! We didn’t buy anything (I can’t get my head around the shop and don’t have the patience to go through all that stuff) and moved on to Sainsbury’s. We got some groceries for dinner and walked back to Broughton Street to get the bus. We just chilled for the rest of the night, had a stir fry, a glass of wine and watched a documentary about a guy with autism who used Disney films to make sense out of the world. Not a great one unfortunately even though it’s Oscar nominated.

On Sunday I finally got to visit Dishoom – a new Indian street food restaurant everybody have been praising. We had two free vouchers for breakfast naan rolls, so that’s what we got. And I couldn’t leave without trying the lassi. I had so many in India and absolutely loved them, but this one had a bit of cumin in it which I found a bit odd. Lana liked it though!

The food was amazing and the service so organised – there was a lot of staff and it seemed like they all had one specific task to do, which made everything work so well. Or that’s what I think at least. Even though the place was packed when we got there we managed to nail a window table and the food arrived within 10 minutes.

The restaurant has been really thoughtfully decorated with great attention to detail and the Indian heritage.

Afterwards we walked to Princes Street Gardens and let Lana play in the playground for a while.

She tries to climb up to the big kid sections (and occasionally manages to do so) so Matthew had to grab her leg and pull her down as we felt she was a bit too high up. When she started yelling “noooo” at a woman who was sitting on “her” rocking horse we decided it was time to leave and for Lana to have a nap. She napped all the way home and awoke as a new toddler. I went for a 10km run (yay), skyped with mum and dad, had dinner and now blogging – a very typical Sunday in other words!

Hope you’ve had a lovely week and have an even lovelier week ahead!

x Nina x