A Few Photos from My Phone

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I take photos with my phone all the time, but only a few make it to the blog or to Instagram. I share photos on Instagram more or less daily, so if you want to follow me there my handle is @xxnina4xx. Anyway, here are a few of those “lost” photos  from this week!

My boss and I recently met with illustrator Helen C Stark to talk about a collaboration with Dickins, and she brought with her one of her Edinburgh-themed adult colouring books that inspired me so much that I bought it right there and then! My boss felt the same way so our next stop after the meeting was Hobbycraft where we bought water brushes (best invention ever!) and watercolours. Here’s what I’m working on right now – it’s very addictive and so relaxing. Obviously this is a hobby that has to wait until Lana is in bed. Like most hobbies it seems!

On Tuesday it was pretty grey and gloomy outside but with a Lana you can’t just stay inside all day (even though that’s exactly what I felt like doing), so we headed to the Botanics. Not many people there at all, but we did bump into a cat, several friendly squirrels and two ducks that Lana gave most of her bread to.

caoba mexican shop edinburgh

When there Matthew asked if we want to meet for lunch, so I tricked Lana into her buggy with some raisins and walked to the West Room in the West End where I had a posh cheese and pickle sandwich. On the way back home we popped into Caoba – a new very cute Mexican shop in Stockbridge. I recognised so many things from my travels in Mexico and even asked the owner if she happened to be an expert and know what my Mexican masks symbolised. She didn’t haha.

We got back around 4pm and both fell asleep on the sofa – meaning Lana refused to go to bed before 10pm…We’re at a stage now when we’re starting to realise that Lana’s daytime naps might be over…Didn’t think it would happen this early 🙁

On Wednesday our plans of seeing a friend got cancelled so we headed to the Botanics again! The day was nice and sunnyish and there was a strong smell of spring in the air. Snowdrops everywhere too.

I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I had no clue there was a small waterfall in the Botanics surrounded by a lovely garden with lots of little pathways! I always thought that you weren’t allowed to enter that part, so I just never did.

I’m glad I finally discovered this gem of a garden and it was such a fun and beautiful place for Lana (and me) to run around in.

I tried to get a selfie of us with the waterfall but failed miserably, so here are just our faces.

You could even see all the way to Calton Hill and Edinburgh Castle from the waterfall. So pretty.

The perks of working from home on Thursdays is that I can cook myself whatever I want for lunch – and spend as much time as I want trying to take a photo of it for Instagram haha. This is one large banana pancake with yoghurt, kiwi, honey and coconut flakes. Yum.

Tomorrow we’re meeting Zain and Max for a ryetastic day – meaning we’re going to bake Karelian Pastries (with rye) and a rye chocolate cake. Can’t wait! Next Thursday will be Lana’s 2-year birthday and or Friday we’re supposed to head to the Lake District for a weekend with a group of friends, will be fun!

x Nina x