A Finnish-British Christmas

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Christmas 2019 is done and dusted, and as usual it makes me feel a bit blue. You look forward to and prepare for something for so long and then suddenly it’s over in just one day. But I can comfort myself with that it was a good one; the first Christmas in our new house – with Matthew’s parents here too.

Nana and Pop arrived late on Saturday, so the girls were already in bed – but the next morning Lana got up early and instantly wanted to go down and wake them up. We managed to hold her off a little while so Nana and Pop could sleep for a bit longer, but sooner rather than later Lana was in their room making sure they got up. It was Nana’s birthday the day before, so Lana was keen to give her the present we had bought for her; a Moomin mug. Maya was a bit hesitant but clearly happy to have Nana and Pop in the house.

I wasn’t as prepared for Christmas as I should’ve been, so on Christmas morning itself I got up early to go to the supermarket to get stuff we had forgotten. And no, I was definitely not the only person in the shop! When I was a kid – or even only a few years ago I guess – shops weren’t open all through Christmas like they are now. And it’s not just the supermarkets, other shops too. I think it wouldn’t kill us (and perhaps force some of us to be more organised…) if all shops stayed closed for three days!

Anyway, let’s fast forward to Christmas and show you what our day was like through the (few) photos I took.

On our way to my mum and dad’s for Christmas morning porridge. I told Matthew he can’t be in the photo, but he found a way…
Having traditional Christmas porridge at my mum and dad’s. My mum’s new hat is a winner haha.
After we got back from my mum and dad I started stressing about how to get 12 adults + 3 kids around two tables – and how to decorate the tables too. In hindsight I don’t understand why I didn’t plan it all in advance! The result wasn’t great, but it had to do! (Wine glasses are missing from the photo btw.)
When Lana saw me decorating the table she wanted to do it too – so she decorated the little table for her and her cousin <3
Matthew was the main chef this Christmas, and started cooking 48 hours before. (He started talking about his beloved gravy he was going to make a lot earlier than that.) He was a lot more prepared than I was and everybody thought the food was amazing. Well done hubby! <3
We had both Finnish and British Christmas foods so Matthew’s parents could try the Finnish foods and the Finns the British Christmas foods. So we ended up having both turkey and ham, with all the trimmings!
The kids’ table. Minus Maya who sat in her high chair.
We had made an agreement amongst us adults that we’d only buy gifts for the kids this year – but not many people stuck to that! Next year I think we’ll just go back to normal…
After the food my twin brother got dressed up and visited as Santa! It wasn’t long before Lana went: “you’re not Santa, you’re Max’s pappa”. Max said his pappa doesn’t have a white beard and insisted it is Santa. So now I’m not sure if Lana doesn’t believe in Santa altogether or if she just thought this was a fake Santa…Either way, they got their presents and were happy and content! Maya was a bit confused but went and got her gifts from Santa without seeming scared. Lana was definitely not as brave the first time she met Santa!
Pop couldn’t resist having a go at sitting in Santa’s lap.
After the guests left we sat down on the sofa with some wine and watched this really popular Finnish show called ‘Vain Elämää” where Finnish singers sing each other’s songs. I think (and hope) Matthew’s parents enjoyed it too haha.

On the 25th we just went for a walk in the forest and chilled out in the house, eating leftovers for dinner and watching a film after the kids went to bed. On the 26th we went for a wee stroll and coffee in the Old Town of Porvoo, followed by dinner at my parents’ place. Early next morning Nana and Pop flew back to Scotland and the house instantly seemed a bit too empty.

We don’t have plans for New Year and will probably just take it easy – although if I’m totally honest I wouldn’t mind a massive New Year party where I could dress up and wear glittery make-up…Or just doing something out of the ordinary would be nice! I don’t know, just feel a bit restless – which might be because we haven’t been doing much or seeing anyone these last few days…Also, my dear husband says he’d like to go to bed early so he could get up early and start the new year by going for a run. Wtf. So if anyone knows of a party somewhere let me know – I’d like to stay up at least until midnight! What about you, what do you usually do for New Year? Party party or chill chill?

x Nina x