A Finnish Christmas & New Year

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Christmas and New Year are, once again, done and dusted. As always after the holidays I’m feeling a bit gloomy and drained, and don’t really want to get back to reality quite yet…Lana’s been ill ever since we got back to the Burgh on Sunday, plus it’s been raining pretty much nonstop – two things that have definitely added to the gloominess!

Anyway, we’ve had a great stay with my parents, a food and family-filled Christmas and a quiet New Year’s Eve with more great food. Here are a few photos from the holidays!


I started Christmas morning with assembling the traditional gingerbread house, because let’s face it – if there isn’t one there’s no Christmas either!


The sun came out to say hello, but sadly still no snow 🙁


The snow came on our second last day, but unfortunately there wasn’t enough to go skiing. I still haven’t seen Matthew on a pair of skis!


As every Christmas, we have rice porridge with cinnamon and plum compote for brunch/lunch. My dad takes it one step further by putting the porridge in the oven, which makes it even more delicious. Lana loved it too! The traditional almond that’s hidden in the porridge went to my dad, which means he’ll either be getting married this year or just have lots of luck 🙂


After porridge we visited my 102-year old granny to give her some pressies and wish her Merry Christmas. She was on good form as you can see 🙂


When we got home it was time to dress Lana in the Christmas elf outfit that Matthew’s sister got her. Poor Lana wasn’t too impressed – but she can blame her auntie for this pic when she’s in her teens haha!


Around 6pm it was time to sit down to eat Christmas dinner. The king of the table, the ham, had a contestant this year….


…namely a nut roast I made. I made two of them as well, so we were eating both nut roast and ham for at least a week after. Don’t know when I’ll be able to have a nut roast again…Maybe next Christmas!


My favourites at the Christmas table are the different casseroles: sweetened potato casserole bottom left, sweet potato casserole bottom right, carrot casserole top right and swede casserole top left. In the middle we have a newcomer: stuffing balls made by Matthew aka “Matthew’s balls”!


Smoked whitefish. Unfortunately I don’t eat anything smoked (can’t stand the taste) so didn’t try this. Lana did though!


This is rosolli: a traditional beetroot and apple salad.


After dinner it was time for the gifts. Neither Lana nor her wee cousin seemed that interested in the presents though – to be fair it was quite late and they were starting to get tired! Santa was very kind this year and must have been reading my blog as he brought me a lot of Finnish design in different forms 🙂 (In Finland Santa often personally delivers the gifts, especially if there are children living at the address. )IMG_4739

On New Year’s Eve Matthew and I had dinner at a nice restaurant in Old Porvoo called Wanha Laamanni, whilst my mum and dad was looking after Lana.


I was very happy with the food, especially my starter with homemade cheese, pecan mousse, balsamic vinegar gel, yoghurt dust, pickled red onion and walnuts.


My main was oven-baked falafel, puy lentils, kimchi, braised red cabbage, tzatziki and red pepper sauce.


As we finished our dinner well before midnight we went for a drink – only to be accompanied by a local drunkard just before we entered the new year…(that’s our romantic New Year’s Eve ruined haha) Matthew seemed quite happy about the company though….hmmm.

How was your Christmas and New Year??

x Nina x