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I think my birthday dinner was so exquisite that it deserves a blog post of its own. We had around 8 courses all-together, that’s pretty much 4 more courses than I’ve ever had at one sitting. And we had amazing wines with every course too (in hindsight I don’t understand how I was able to drink goon when living in Australia!). The award winning hotel restaurant at Monachyle Mhor is renown among foodies, and many travel to the middle of nowhere in the Scottish Highlands just to eat at the restaurant. 

During my Highland stay I had many different kinds of seafood, such as smoked salmon (which I’ve never had before – don’t like a smoky flavour in any foods), hake, halibut, sole, scallops, langoustines and what I thought I’d never try: an oyster! People who know me well knows that it is something I wouldn’t even touch with my little finger, but thanks to pure peer pressure (and some Prosecco) I was tricked into trying one – and I even chewed it!! At least now I can say ‘yes, I have tried one and I don’t like it!’ next time someone tries to make me eat one of those slimy bastards. Ha!

I didn’t remember (or was too embarrassed) to take photos of all the courses, and the ones I took, I took with my iPhone, so I feel like they don’t really do the food justice. Here’s what I got anyway!

Monachyle Mhor restaurant appetizer

The appetizers we had at the bar before being taken to the dining room. The big things are cheese, the spoons are carrying smoked salmon ‘balls’ and last but not least beetroot and haggis ‘balls’.


Leek and potato soup with toasted pine nuts in a little coffee cup. One of the best soups I’ve ever had!


I had sole with a pumpkin puree and glazed ginger carrots for my official starter. Matthew went with scallops as he always does.

apple palate cleanser mhor

A palate cleanser with apple sorbet, delish!

Monachyle Mhor restaurant main halibut

My main that consisted of halibut and fennel, saffron potato and tarragon. The fish was a wee bit overcooked but it was still amazing.

Monachyle Mhor Main Dish Lamb

Matthew’s main consisted of lamb, spiced pumpkin puree and chanterelles. (I overcame another hurdle when I ate a whole mushroom! My dad will be proud! Still don’t like the texture though…)


My dessert was a blackcurrant sorbet with vanilla ice cream (I think) and can’t remember what the other stuff was…


Matthew had cheesecake with grapefruit sorbet and caramelised pistachios.

Mhor84 langoustines

We shared a plate of langoustines at Mhor 84 – another restaurant/motel owned by the owners Tom and Lisa a 10-minute drive from the hotel.



Cheers! You can only imagine how stuffed I was after all this, but it was the best meal of my life hands down! (The necklace in the photo is my birthday present from Matthew – it’s a beautiful amber stone that, again, the photo doesn’t do justice to.)

x Nina x