A Good Day

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Runebergs tart

Today has been a good day. Nothing special has happened but still. Maybe it was the vibes from the chilled out Sunday we had that carried over to Monday or maybe it’s just that a few things have transpired that I’m happy about and others that I’m really looking forward to.

Actually, I’m lying. Something special did happen today; Maya napped for over two hours – which never happens. This gave me the time to get so much done; I mopped the floors, did some blog stuff, took some photos, ironed Lana’s birthday dress, had lunch and knitted a little bit. Maybe that is actually why I’m in such a good mood haha.

On Saturday Lana turns four. Maybe this is the year she will start doing what we say, who knows?! I’ve got high hopes. Matthew is going to take her to Disney on Ice on her birthday and on Sunday we have a little party for her cousins, family and relatives. Will be nice to get everybody under the same roof!

Something I’ve been pondering for a long time is Maya’s nursery start. First I thought I’d go back to work at the beginning of the year, but then it didn’t feel right at all and I ended up applying for a nursery spot for her from May onwards. This didn’t feel good either, especially since Maya most likely wouldn’t get a place at Lana’s nursery and they have staffing issues there at the moment – and who knows if it’ll be better in a few months’ time. Secondly, the nursery closes in July and the kids who can’t stay at home will be placed in a summer nursery somewhere else. Thirdly, if Maya got a spot at Lana’s nursery in the autumn she’d need to get accustomed to new staff and a new nursery for the third time within a few months. I feel that would be a bit much for a one-year-old…So I kept thinking and thinking about it, because I do want to go back to work and I do need to so we can buy a house. But something didn’t feel right. A few nights ago I woke up and started thinking about it again, unable to sleep. I realised that Lana too would have to move to a summer nursery and wouldn’t get a holiday either if both Matthew and I were working. In the morning I sent an email moving the application to the beginning of August instead. It felt like a huge relief – and today when I was talking to Lana’s nursery lady I felt even better about my decision after she said that she thinks it’s the right one. And she’s got years and years of experience of working with small kids. It felt good. In the end, what is more important than your own child?! Our house can wait and so can my work too. And we’re so fortunate that we even can make this decision!

On Friday I found out we’ve been chosen to be the brand representatives for an ethical children’s wear brand I’ve mentioned on my blog before as well, AarreKid. I’ve seen their main spring collection and it looks amazing – can’t wait to take some photos of the girls wearing their clothes!

Speaking of ethical kids wear, I won a 100€ gift card for one of my favourite Finnish brands, Kaiko. Woohoo! A while ago I also won a family photography session with a photographer whose style I really like. This is something I’ve been thinking about doing anyway but have been postponing as it’s so expensive – so I was over the moon when I found out! Now we just need to figure out where and when we want the photos taken. Any suggestions?! A few months ago I won a merino wool overall for Lana, which is exactly what she needed for the winter – also by a sustainable Finnish brand called Melli Ecodesign. I really need to start doing the lottery!

I’m getting more and more interesting collaborations for my blog and instagram, which is nice. I’m also feeling more motivated to blog at the moment and have a few interesting DIY posts planned for you guys! Will e.g. try and make my own laundry detergent…Matthew thinks it’s a bad idea but I’ll prove him wrong!

We’ve booked flights for our friends’ wedding that takes place by a lake in the countryside of Lithuania in May, will be fun! I look forward to getting to know Lithuania a little bit too – it’s perhaps not a country many people have visited. After the wedding weekend we’ll be spending a few days exploring Riga, whilst staying in a really nice apartment. It’ll be our first trip with both girls (not counting flying between Helsinki and Edinburgh).

A small thing to everyone else but a big thing to me is that Lana asked me for a sandwich with cucumber, pepper and tomato last week – and has had it several times since. It was dark rye bread too. She also now loves eating just raw pepper and carrot – something she wouldn’t touch in the past. Just earlier tonight she had spag bol made out of lentils and happily ate it. I was sure she wasn’t going to but she did. So pleased!

Another small thing I’m happy about is that I’ve learned a new knitting technique I couldn’t figure out before. Plus that I’m just really enjoying knitting still. I also need it as I can’t just sit still when Matthew and I are watching something, but I’m always chewing my nails or something. Knitting solves the problem and I get stuff done!

Now I’m looking forward to Matthew getting back from the gym so we can watch the 3rd season of True Detectives. Watch it, it’s good! I’m also looking forward to tomorrow since it’s our national poet, Runeberg’s, day and we get to eat delicious almond tarts. Yum!

Have a great week folks and hope you have many good days too 🙂

x Nina x