A Jewellery Competition With A Twist

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As I mentioned last week, there’s a fabulous competition I want to tell you more about. The prize is something unique and there’s an interesting twist to it too as it is connected to electricity meters…Keep reading to find out more!

If you didn’t already know, every home in Great Britain between now and 2020 will be offered the opportunity to upgrade to gas and electricity smart meters. This means that over 53 million new meters will be installed in homes up and down the country. We had one installed in our last flat and it was quite fascinating to see how much energy you are using in real time – and to see the numbers change when I turned lights on and off. I actually got a bit hooked on it at one point, trying to keep the energy consumption down to a minimum…(Since then I’ve acquired a life haha.)

To mark the coming of the control that smart meters bring, three lovely bloggers have taken the inner workings of an old analogue electricity meter and working with North London boutique jeweller, Tomfoolery have up-cycled the components into stylish pieces of jewellery. The Meters Collection!


But first, let’s take a look at how smart meters work. It’s both easy and hassle-free as your energy supplier installs the new technology at no extra cost. Smart meters come with a portable in-home display that shows you in near real time how much energy you are using and the true cost in a language that we all understand, pounds and pence. The smart meter sends your meter readings to your supplier meaning no more estimated bills, you pay exactly for what you use. Really need to get one installed in our new home too!


And let’s get to the competition! You can see the pieces created by Fresh & Fearless, Taislany Gomes and Tales of a Pale Face below. Now here is the good part: each blogger has 5 pieces of their creation to give away to their readers. All that you have to do is pop over to their blogs, tell them one of the benefits of smart meters (hint: look at the previous paragraph!) and you’ll be entered into the draw – and just in time for Christmas!

Fresh & Fearless (link to giveaway page)




Taislany Gomes (link to giveaway page)




Tales of a Pale Face (link to giveaway page)




Attention! When analogue energy meters are upgraded to smart meters it is done by specially trained engineers and they are taken away and their parts recycled. This one-off jewellery project has been done under safe and controlled conditions using meters that have already been removed from homes. So don’t do this at home guys!

I’m curious to know which creation is your favourite?? 🙂

x Nina x

PS. The competition will run until midnight on the 18th of December and is open to anyone of any age who lives in England, Scotland or Wales.