A Little Get-Together For Lana

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During our visit to Finland my parents kindly organised a little get-together for the closest family to celebrate the arrival of wee Lana. It was also Lana’s first chance to get all dressed up in a little dress – and actually look a bit more like a little girl 🙂

In Finland it is very common to christen children – even though the parents aren’t particularly religious. It’s more of a cultural thing I suppose. We, however, decided not to christen Lana as Matthew is an atheist and I don’t really know what I believe in to be honest – if anything. Instead, we thought, Lana can join whichever religion she wants to when she’s old enough to decide for herself.


She’s wearing a lovely little dress that auntie Minty and uncle James gave her. My hair is so much nicer in Finland – a lot smoother and less frizzy. Must be the water.


We got all four cousins in the same picture for the first time! (2 months, 4 months, 1 year and 3 years old)


Lana with her Finnish godparents – my twin brother and his wife. We still wanted Lana to have godparents although she won’t be christened.


Lana saying hi to my aunt.


My dad’s mother and siblings (and Matthew’s lovely hair).


I felt like I needed to make something for Lana’s party, and the result was a white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake. It was very nice if I say so myself!


My cake competed with this traditional princess cake that wasn’t bad either.


Little Max wondering what’s going on. (Matthew took this photo with a black and white filter that’s supposed to be grainy in case you’re wondering!)


My beautiful grandmother from my father’s side.


Antonio eating his tenth cookie – such a little cookie monster!


I guess I have to admit that there is some resemblance between me and my mum…:)


It would be so great if we could just nap whenever and wherever we wanted like this sleeping princess.


After a change of clothes (the dress was just too covered in baby vomit) Lana moved on to auntie Arnella’s lap.


And my brother’s, uncle Tom’s 🙂

Tack & kiitos mum and dad for going through the trouble – Lana sends her love too!

x Nina x