A Moment to Breathe

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Some days I just know it’s going to be a good day right from the start. The energy is different and I know I’m going to get a lot done. Usually this has nothing to do with how I’ve slept, because let’s face it, I rarely have a good night’s sleep because of my two little alarm clocks that go off throughout the night…

Anyway, today was a good day and the sun was shining and I got to eat my porridge ALONE. Without having to get up 50 times or share my food with a Maya who will eat anything from my plate but is fussy when it comes to her own. (Toddler logic.) It was amazing to be able to just BE and not constantly be on stand-by for the next demand from a toddler and a four-year-old. Aaah.

The girls have been at nursery for almost a month now, although in the beginning I was there with them, so really it’s only been around two weeks of proper nursery. And only now can I feel myself starting to relax. I love my kids but I also need some time away from them – so I can be a better mum. A mum who doesn’t snap all the time and can enjoy the company of her children more. Because the past few months when both girls have been at home and Matthew has been busy at work have been tough. Only now do I realise how tired and tense I have been. Especially since I was feeling crap for almost a month (my cold was prolonged by an untreated sinus infection). So thank god for nursery! And I really believe the girls need nursery too – they are both very energetic and social beings who need a lot of stimulation. And so far they’ve been so happy at nursery that I literally have to drag them to the car to get them home.

I have been working on my CV and applying for a job I’ve seen – a job in a different field I probably don’t have any chances of getting. But I want to try anyway and if nothing else it’ll be good practise for writing an application! I’ve also been thinking about doing a digital marketing course to brush up my skills and make sure I’m up-to-date with stuff happening in the industry. Plus I love learning as it always inspires me.

The colour of the wall is Tikkurila Serpentiini and I love how it changes with the light.
As you can see, in bright sunshine it looks a lot brighter! What do you think of the floor?

I also went for a run to soak up the autumn sun and I wanted to start painting our bedroom – but that will have to wait for now. We already painted one wall in the kitchen and it turned out great! It’s a muted light green, love it. Painting the wall has somehow highlighted the fact that I don’t like our floors even more – and now I can’t stop thinking about it…They just look cheap and the grey is such a cold colour. Would like something more rustic and warm, or then completely white floors. Matthew is very much against this so we’ll see what happens…

Tomorrow is Friday, which means the girls are at home aaall day. And Matthew will have the car. Maybe we’ll go for a walk in the forest.

x Nina x

PS. An elk (or moose?) crossed to road in front of Matthew today when he was on his bike on the way to the bus stop. They are huge! I’m pretty sure Matthew thought it was a dinosaur at first.