A New Beginning

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We finally had internet installed yesterday (it was a tough 5 days I have to admit), which means I can tell you a bit about the move to our new home! Our moving day was Saturday, and with the help of a man with a van and Matthew’s brother (thanks again Daniel!) we managed to move all our stuff to the new place in just over 2 hours. Not bad!


We had packed a few boxes before Saturday but in hindsight we should’ve done more before the actual moving day to save us the extra stress…Lana was really helpful when it came to packing, making sure the bubble wrap was ok, unpacking boxes and demanding my attention non-stop. My wee angel.


We had to disassemble the bed and the cot to get them out the door, which actually was easier than I thought. Matthew and his bro were struggling to carry the sofa out of the flat, so the removals guy just picked it up and carried it down the stairs all on his own – leaving us all staring in awe. Strong fella!


Some neat stacking in the old stairway a la Matthew.


The man with the van took all our stuff to the new crib and dumped it on the street and in the stairway as we were running out of time and he needed to be somewhere else. Thank god it didn’t rain!


After a “few” rounds up and down (luckily only to the first floor this time) we quickly had all our possessions safely upstairs. The new place actually looks like a bigger version of the old living room/kitchen haha.


We’re going to get rid of some stuff, get some new stuff and give the walls (and probably the fireplace too) a fresh coat of paint. Oh and those blinds need to go, they’re so difficult and heavy to use and pretty ugly too…And I’d love to get new kitchen cupboards and worktops…Does anyone know how much that could cost, more or less??


The view from our bedroom window is quite calming – and on a clear day you can even see Fife across the water if you look closely.


There was no way Lana could help us move and clean the old flat, so she was having fun with Nana and Pop and her new ride instead.


Although she prefers to push it…Matthew’s parents have been a huge help watching Lana and driving us around – we couldn’t have done it without them, so thank you!


Apparently Roxy the cat’s heart is finally starting to melt and she now lets Lana pet her – a little bit. Maybe there is a friendship brewing after all!


On Sunday we had to go to the old flat to clean, and as Matthew had to pick up Lana after a couple of hours I stayed on my own and scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed for 5 hours straight. It was a horrible experience but at least the letting agency thanked us for leaving the flat in such a great state. They even used the word “immaculate” – that’s how clean it was. We got our full deposit back so it was worth it though!

I will miss our super-bright Hamilton Place flat and its amazing location – but the time has come to move on and explore what’s on the other side of the fence.

x Nina x

PS. On Friday morning we’re all flying to Finland, so there hasn’t really been much time to settle in. I haven’t even unpacked my clothes – just been wearing the same outfit for days now haha.