A New Family Member

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On the 10th of August we welcomed a new member to our family: a little black domestic cat lady. After almost going with Lana’s suggestion and naming her Evelina we eventually named her Alma. I’ve always liked the name and it means “soul” or “spirit” in Spanish, which I think is nice.

So, why did we get a cat? Mainly because I got sick of listening to Matthew talk about getting a cat. Plus apparently I promised him he can get one if he ever moves to Finland…(Don’t remember that though.) So I eventually gave in even though I never wanted a cat – and still don’t if I’m completely honest.

And the reason I don’t want a cat is because it’s just extra hassle and stress that I don’t want in my life right now. Ok, she’s cute, but she also attacks my plants and my yarn balls and she makes a mess that I somehow always end up cleaning. Not to mention destroys our furniture and constantly tries to sneak out the second you open the door. We made a deal with Matthew that he will be feeding the cat, picking up its poops and taking it to the vet – I take no responsibility there. So far I have only given her food on a few occasions, the rest Matthew has taken care of.

The day she arrived <3
She is definitely an outdoor cat – she LOVES being outside.
Alma being held hostage by Lana.

I bet I sound like a cold-hearted something, but I’m also sure this is quite a common scenario in many homes: when one party wants a pet and the other doesn’t. I’m sure I will grow to love Alma, but at the moment I’m still getting to know her and trying not to stress about our furniture…

Anyway, the kids and Matthew love her – so don’t worry: she is loved haha. Lana instantly took Alma under her wing and was basically no further than five cm away from her during the whole first week. Maya was a bit vary and only worked up the courage to lift Alma up and hold her after around three weeks. Now she does it constantly and Lana has lost interest a little bit.

Luckily Alma loves being held – even by clumsy kids who don’t quite know how to lift cats. She doesn’t try to get away even from the most uncomfortable looking positions and she is always where we are. There were kids in the home where Alma was born, so she was used to children when she came to us. Thank god.

Forget about the cat: who is this little girl?? She has grown so much in the last few months.
Alma just wants to chase grasshoppers, but still lets Lana hold her.
Working from home these days means having a cat in your lap or on your laptop at all times.

Alma settled in really well and wasn’t that shy at all when she first arrived. She hid underneath the sofa a bit during the first couple of days, but after that she got busy exploring the rest of the house. We let her out supervised quite soon as she is so full of energy, and now that is all she wants to do. Once she is neutered in a couple of months she will finally be able to roam free outside – and I’m sure we won’t see much of her after that. Hopefully she’ll be so exhausted when she comes back that she won’t have the energy to destroy things. I’m also hoping she’ll be a really bad hunter so she won’t bring in any carcasses…

There are many advantages of having a pet – both for kids and adults as well as the family as a whole. So I will need to focus on the positives, stress less and give Alma a chance. She is pretty cute after all.

x Nina x