A Night in the Archipelago

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When the November darkness and rains prevail it’s nice to dig into some summer memories. This will be another TBT post, this time from our short stay at a friend’s summer cottage on an island in the beautiful Finnish archipelago. There was a proper 40-day heatwave in Finland last summer, but we arrived literally the day it ended. The weather was still comfortably warm (especially when you compare it to Scottish summer weather…), so we had a lovely sunny stay on the island anyway. Unfortunately I didn’t take many photos, and the ones I took were with my iPhone, so these will have to do!


As the summer cottage is on an island we had to go there by boat. Not sure what my friend’s younger brother is doing here…


The dog, Gina, enjoying the sea breeze whilst shaking hands.


We got to sleep in this cute little cabin a bit away from the main house and right by the water.


In the evening we had a lovely meal with my friend’s family, followed by traditional sauna and skinny-dipping. (That was the first and only time last summer I had a swim, next summer there will be more times hopefully as I’ll be staying in Finland for longer!) Before we knew it it was way past midnight and we started feeling a bit sleepy.


The following day we had some cute 1 and 2-year old visitors with their mum and dad of course. And the dog! They have a summer cottage a short boat-ride away, so it was great that we could all meet up after a long break!


The little ones wanted to go for a swim, but once they were ready to go in they changed their minds 🙂


Matthew tried to catch some fish, but  the weather was too nice so he gave up pretty quickly. Luckily those clouds never reached us!


We spent the day catching up, and had a late lunch consisting of “summer soup” followed by…


…the best thing ever: Finnish pancakes with strawberry jam and whipped cream – delicious!


As we were going on a 2-night cruise to Stockholm the following day, we said bye bye around 6 o’clock and were shipped back to mainland. Thanks for having us once again! Really hope we can have a lovely summer place like that one day!

x Nina