A Perfect Sunday

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I’ve had such a great day today that I just had to share it here on the blog as well! It’s actually Finnish Mother’s Day today, which I had totally forgotten about and was only reminded about by Facebook when I woke up this morning haha. Sorry mum for not sending a card!


After having slept until 10.30 (!) I got up to yet another grey day, but according to the weather forecast there was supposed to be sun later on so I was hopeful. We decided to go out for breakfast since it was mother’s day, and for a change we headed to George street and this place called Brown’s.


It was a pretty place so I had to take a few photos…


Lana wasn’t keen on sitting in the high chair so we ate pretty quickly!


We picked up some take away coffees and started walking towards Meadowbank area and some new build apartments we’ve seen online that we wanted to check out. On the way the sun finally came out and it immediately got warmer.


We didn’t manage to get through to the new build area and I don’t think I want to live there anyway…We started walking back and decided to let Lana lose in Regent Road Park so she could stretch her legs a little bit.


She just loves running around so much! That jacket came off soon after as it was starting to get pretty warm.


It’s not easy holding Lana’s hand as she’s always pulling in the opposite direction!


Found this lovely wee poem in the park.


We walked past New Calton burial ground and since I’ve never been there before I decided to take a look – and was met by this beautiful serene place bathing in the spring sun.newcaltonburialgroundedinburgh

That’s Holyrood Palace in the back – the Queen’s official residence in Scotland.


So much history surrounded by pretty flowers.


We also walked past mysterious Rock House that I’ll be telling you more about soon…


We were getting pretty hungry so decided to stop at Stockbridge Market for a bite to eat on the way home. Lana got herself three little Spanish fans that thought she was the cutest baby ever – they just kept following her around haha. Here I’m explaining to them that she’s not a boy and not a baby anymore!


This is how Lana finished off her day…It took us a while to get her clean!

Hope you’ve had a good weekend too!

x Nina x