A Sunny Visit to Sveaborg Sea Fortress

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This blog post has been sitting in my draft box ever since our last visit to Finland in September, so maybe it’s time to finally release it! On a glorious and warm Friday in September we took the 15-minute ferry over to Sveaborg Sea Fortress and enjoyed lunch, coffee and the beautiful island for a few hours. If you ever visit Helsinki you need to check out this place too!

I was going to write something about the history of the sea fortress (that is built on six islands and a UNESCO site) but I don’t have the time to do it right now, so you can read more about it here if you’re interested. I should probably mention though that the building of the fortress started during Swedish rule in 1748 in order to protect Helsinki against the Russians. Here are some of my photos from this lovely afternoon in September:

suomenlinnaferry shadows cutecafe suomenlinnachurch sunny sveaborgfinland differentperspective photomoment reflections lanaetmoi cafepiper cafepipersuomenlinna exploring coffeeatcafepiper threegenerations enjoyingtheview cannon seafortress sveaborg fort tunnels kingsgate ronnbar mybaby pokemonhunters mazza

If you’re wondering why I’ve photographed some random kids staring at their phones it’s because the island was full of kids and teenagers trying to catch Pokemons…Must’ve been an event of some sort because they were literally everywhere (both Pokemons and their hunters)!

x Nina x