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A Therapeutic Christmas Night Out

So instead of going out for a meal or drinks for our work Christmas night out my boss came up with something a bit more creative for out little team. We were going to a Christmas wreath workshop by the lovely ladies at Pyrus Botanicals! I love creating things with my own hands, so I was really looking forward to it.

The workshop started at 7pm with the Pyrus girls showing the group of 12 people how it’s done after which everyone was left to create their own masterpieces using whatever components they desired. As you can see from the photos this was not a sparkly and glittery affair but a more natural and down to earth approach to making a wreath – just the way I prefer it to be.

After the tutorial we were keen to get to work and I can tell you that the concentration levels were very high, only interrupted by taking a sip out of my glass of mulled wine. Having Christmas songs play in the background made the experience even better. I couldn’t believe it when someone said it was already 9pm and time to wrap it up! This was a very therapeutic experience and I can now totally see why florists are some of the happiest people!

The best bit is obviously that you get to take your Christmas-scented creation home and hang it on your front door – or as I did: above our fireplace. The smell is lovely!

Apparently symmetrical isn’t trendy at the moment, so there were a lot of extravagant non-symmetrical pieces to be seen at the workshop – my colleague Colin’s wreath probably being the most outrageous one, closely followed by my boss Louise’s creation. It’s funny how much a simple thing as a wreath can tell you about people’s personalities!

So be honest; what do you think? 🙂

x Nina x

PS. See that light grey thing dangling down? That’s actually a living air plant!

Nina Äikäs

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