A Visit from My Twin

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As I mentioned in my last blog, my twin brother, his wife and Lana’s 2-year old cousin visited us last week for four full days – so that obviously requires a blog post! They’ve been planning to come to Edinburgh for a long time, but having recently built a house of their own I can totally understand why it’s taken a while! 

They arrived around 10.30 on Thursday morning (with Finnish rye bread and chewing gum, yay!) so we had breakfast in the house before heading out. I really need to start brushing Lana’s hair more often…

Max obviously also had to check out Lana’s toys and Lana wanted to impress Max with her Elsa-outfit. Before we knew it Max was wearing her Beauty and the Beast-dress as well haha.

We finally managed to get out the door and took the bus to the Old Town and the National Museum so the little ones could get rid of some of their excess energy – think Max was over-tired from getting up so early and Lana just hyper from having her friend visiting. That’s them running away for the 10th time in the distance…

Three adults against two hyper toddlers is not enough!

We decided it was time for some late lunch so we walked to nearby (and child-friendly) Pizza Express. The activities kept these two busy for a while so we could relax a little. (I just realised most of my photos are of Lana and Max so bear with me!)

The obligatory photo in front of the castle.

Having fuelled up with pizza there was lots of energy to get rid of again so we walked to the play area in Princes Street Gardens.

Max needed new shoes so we popped into Schuh where Lana and Max instantly spotted those beautiful Disney high heels. Before we knew it they were both trying them on – and they fit perfectly.

Max got some cool retro Adidas trainers and we went home to chillax. Both kids were knackered and easy to get to bed – and the adults had an early night too!

On Friday we took the train to North Berwick to see the sea, but the minute we reached the beach it started raining. The kids didn’t seem to mind though, and both got their shoes off as you do on the beach…Why do kids never get cold?!

My brother and his wife wanted fish & chips for lunch so we went to The Ship Inn that’s supposed to be nice, got a table and some crayons, changed Lana’s nappy and ordered some drinks and food (they even had a vegan burger woohoo!). But after getting our drinks the waiter came over and told us the gas in the kitchen wasn’t working and that they couldn’t make our food aarrgh. How do you explain that to two hungry 2-year olds?! So we left and went to the Herringbone instead where we finally got fed.

Again we went back home for dinner and a friendly cousin-bath. We had filled tortillas and watched some X-Factor, but went to bed quite early again.

On Saturday Matthew joined us too and we took two buses (soooo can’t wait for Matthew to get his driver’s license!!) to Dalkeith Country Park. There was a dementia walk event going on by Matthew’s old workplace, which is why there was a bouncy castle.

We walked over to the Restoration Yard to get some lunch and play with these poor sheep.

Then we went to the adventure park for a wee play.

After the play park we walked to the beautiful old bridge and ventured into the woods for a little while.

35 weeks! (If it seems like that’s the only dress I wear these days it’s because it is! It’s a cheap Primark dress but so comfy and the most flattering thing I’ve got at the moment.)

Throwing rocks into the water is so much fun when you’re two.

We got the bus back into town and as I had booked us a table at Harajuku Kitchen we went there for 6pm. Those bunny ear chop sticks kept Lana and Max entertained for so long that I need to get my hands on some!

We ordered several small dishes and avocado sushi for the little ones. Lana finished off 9 pieces so she must’ve been hungry! All the food was delicious so can highly recommend this little Japanese bistro!

There was a spicy Japanese spice mix on the table that Lana also managed to try. She had a good amount of it too and we couldn’t help but laugh at the funny faces she was making, all red in the face…Poor girl. After dinner we got a taxi home for some ice cream and chilling. Again the kids went down without any problems woohoo.

On Sunday we had vegan banana pancakes for breakfast (as is tradition in our house) before heading out.

We got the kids in their buggies and walked to the Botanics where they could run free.

And climb trees.

Lana and Max kept running away and trying to lose us adults – so our visit wasn’t as relaxing as we had imagined it to be…

Making more escape-plans…

After the Botanics we walked to Inverleith Park so the dads could take the kids to the play area whilst us mums went to Stockbridge market to pick up some Scotch eggs, pies and cake for dinner. There happened to be a mini-event going on and Max was delighted to be able to climb into a real fire truck! (He loves Fireman Sam)

Then it was time for a traditional Sunday pub lunch at the Raeburn. Our guests finally got their fish and chips and I had a vegetarian Sunday roast.

Matthew’s parents live nearby so we walked over to introduce them to our Finnish guests. Lana was quick to show Max all her toys at Nana and Pop’s and to get on her green fairy dress. I think Max had had enough of pretty dresses by that point though haha.

It was starting to get dark so we went home for another relaxing night at home with pies, salad and cake. On Monday it was back to work for us and catching a morning flight for our guests. It was great having family around and to have them stay at our place – that way Lana and Max could get as much play (and fight) time together as possible!

x Nina x