A Visit to Edinburgh Christmas Market

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Last year I couldn’t wait to decorate the christmas tree and I was just really excited about the looming holiday overall. This year, however, my Christmas spirit is nowhere to be found and I find it hard to believe it’s less than a month till Santa arrives!

Might be because this year Lana and I are going to Finland already on the 3rd of December, so there’s no point really to start decorating the flat or going to Ikea to buy glögg. Hopefully the Christmas spirit will set in once we hit Finnish soil!

What I and my friend Zain did do though was to visit the annual Christmas market in the centre of Edinburgh. The market gets frustratingly crowded during evenings and weekends, so a daytime visit is preferred if you get stressed out in crowds! Which suits us mums on maternity leave very well 🙂 Below are a few photos from the market.
marketedinburgh nutelladoughnuts edinburgheye stuff sweets baubles carousel marzipanchocolate lanushka nationalgallery scott scottsmonument funkyhats sweeties hazelnutzebra

I was a good girl and didn’t buy anything apart from a couple of sweet treats – after which we decided to go for lunch somewhere a bit warmer!

x Nina x