A Wednesday on the Beach

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I always go on about all the things that are better in Finland, but one thing that is definitely better here in the UK is that spring comes so much earlier and you can spend a day on the beach in February. And Scottish beaches are also very pretty!

At 10am this morning Lana and I got on the bus to the train station where we met my friend, her friend and their two boys aged 2 and 3. We got on the train and 30 minutes later we arrived in a sunny North Berwick. The kids were armed with a bucket and spade each and got busy playing in the sand. It was low tide so we also did some crab hunting and finally Lana had a sand bath and managed to get sand EVERYWHERE.

After some beach playing and enjoying the sun on our faces we headed to a cafe called Cafe Cake with a play corner, which is always a winner! The kids got busy exploring the toys and we all had a bite to eat. Afterwards we still went to a big play park surrounded by greenery (will definitely coming back here) to get rid of some more energy before catching the train back at 4.22pm. Lana slept through the train journey so she’s still awake now at 9.30…

North Berwick Scotland

North Berwick is such a pretty town that I could almost see myself living here. I will definitely be visiting more often on a weekday as it’s so easy to get to and there’s so much to do for children. How was your Wednesday?

x Nina x