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Howdy ho! Sunday is usually a day I feel like blogging, so here I am! Just felt like rambling on about what’s happening in our lives – a wee life update in other words.

Matthew got ill with a cold on Friday, so it’s been me and the girls this weekend whilst Matthew has been resting. He got tested for covid yesterday, but hasn’t received the results yet. There was a possible case at his work, but turns out that person tested negative. Pheew. But. This morning he noticed that his corona-app said he might’ve been exposed to the virus. Doubt he has it though as the symptoms have been exactly the same ones he always gets when he gets ill.

Repovesi Fjällräven
Repovesi for Kids
Repovesi National Park in autumn

The girls and I just got back from our second forest walk this weekend. Love being out in the forest even more in autumn, the air is so fresh and full of oxygen. On both walks we’ve chatted to neighbours, people actually start talking to you here in the countryside haha! One of the neighbours brought out a bunny for the girls to pet. They just went all quiet and shy and wouldn’t touch the bunny – even though I knew they really wanted to. Kids.

Haven’t done much else than gone for that walk today – or well, I’ve been knitting for hours. Started knitting one of those trendy slipovers and I’m close to finishing it – that’s how much I’ve knitted today!

I didn’t feel great in the morning, but don’t think it’s a cold (or corona). Last Wednesday I went to get my ferritin checked (iron stores) as I haven’t been feeling like myself for a while now. Especially in the weekends I’ve been feeling tired and lacking in energy – which I have interpreted as a cold lurking. But that cold never comes. Also, running hasn’t felt as easy as it normally feels, and hence I haven’t felt like running as much. The flow hasn’t been there. I’ve also been feeling anxious, which I never really feel normally. Mood swings and irritability has also become a weekly thing – much to Matthew’s delight…

Repovesi National Park

So I went and got tested and less than two days later I got my results. So basically, if you’re ferritin is 100 it’s good, if it’s below 30 you’re probably anemic. My ferritin was 12. Not good! It’s a relief though to get an explanation for why I’ve been feeling a bit off. So now I’ve started taking iron supplements every day and hope my stores will slowly fill up again. Will also look over my diet and see where I can add in extra iron.

On to something more positive: the 16.10 is our 4th wedding anniversary and we decided to celebrate it properly this year since we haven’t had any date nights or similar in so long. So we booked a night at Hotel Haven and a 7-course dinner at Grön restaurant in Helsinki. My parents have promised to take the girls overnight. Not sure now if we will be able to go though if myself or the girls also get ill – but I really really hope we will as I’ve been looking forward to it so much! Another thing that is a bit annoying is that, due to corona the restaurant has to stop serving alcohol by 22.00 and close at 23.00. Our booking is at 21.30. Not sure how this will all work, but we’re trying to find out. Don’t want to eat our food without wine, obviously! Bars are also closing at midnight, and we were hoping to have a drink or two after the meal…Damn corona.

Another purely positive thing is that I will finally get my window in the kitchen! My superdad has ordered the window and will install it together with my brother. Cannot wait! At the moment we just look into a wall when sitting at the kitchen table – not sure what the people who planned this house were thinking about. Tomorrow someone is coming to level out the garden and add some soil so that we can sow a lawn – probably in the spring.

ruska Repovedessä

Work is good and I still really enjoy it. I’m learning new skills and it’s fun to be working with a quickly growing responsible Finnish business. And to contribute to that growth and see that what you’re doing is resulting in good things. My favourite part of the job is to manage our ambassador programme and to get to know all these inspirational athletes. Most of them are really young, yet still so driven – at their age I was just partying and travelling (and studying on the side…) I’ll be working 3 days per week until the end of the year and then 4 days per week after that. Which is perfect as I can be at home with the girls on Fridays. They’re at nursery 9 hours per day, and I feel like 5 days per week would be too much for them. You can tell that they are pretty knackered every Thursday when I pick them up.

Sadly it looks like we won’t be going to Edinburgh for Christmas. The situation is getting worse there and here and it’ll probably be even worse in a couple of month’s time. Really annoying as the girls haven’t seen their grandparents in a year. Or their cousin Marnie and their aunties and uncles. It sucks.

So the situation here is escalating and you can see more and more people wearing masks in the supermarket for example. On public transport people have been using masks for a while now, but I fortunately don’t have to travel by public transport. This week I started wearing a mask too. Haven’t really been watching the news and mostly just travel by car between the office and our home, so haven’t really been too aware of the mask situation. But now when I’ve noticed more people wearing them in the supermarket I feel like I need to do it too.

The first time I wore one was to my appointment to get my ferritin checked, and I just instantly wanted to take it off as I felt I couldn’t breathe. Didn’t take in what the nurse was saying as I just wanted to go outside so I could take the damn thing off! Since then I’ve worn the mask several times to the library, pharmacy and supermarket – and I have gotten a bit used to it. Still not fun though and I do respect the people who have to wear them a lot. My friend who lives in Madrid says she gets a horrible rash from the mask and has to take antibiotics for it, which sounds horrible! So I really shouldn’t complain.

Woah, this turned into quite a long post. Guess that’s what’s happens when you only blog once every two months haha. Now a bit more knitting and then bed!

Have a great start to the week everyone!

x Nina x

PS. The photos are from our recent visit to Repovesi National Park. We did the Ketunlenkki route, which was perfect with the kids. Highly recommend!


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