A Wee Life Update

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Oh boy, it’s been a month since my last blog…There’s just been a lot going on and I haven’t felt like opening my laptop to be honest. Instead I’ve been doing more reading, knitting, knotting and sewing. But time for a quick update now me thinks!

First of May, or Vappu as we call it here. A day when people flock to the parks to have a picnic and drink bubbles.
A few weeks ago Matthew and Lana flew to Edinburgh for a week, and Maya and I were left aaall alone. Well for two days, then we went to my parents’ house as I couldn’t stand the silence haha. Lana and Matthew really enjoyed their time at Nana and Pop’s and I’m pretty sure neither one of them wanted to come home, but I’m glad they did. After they got back Matthew started his new job, which he’s been at for a couple of weeks now. So far so good and I think he’s enjoying it.
An Easter flower arrangement I made with a friend.
And some flowers I picked in my parents’ garden. The blue flower to the right is called “Springstar”. What a lovely name!

Maya turned 18 months on the 1st of May – and my third youngest/eldest brother turned 30. And I forgot about both…(I notice that I’ve spent too much time on Instagram since I just want to insert emojis all the time!) I will write a post about Maya at 18 months since I did that for Lana too. Just need to find that inspiration first…

Both Maya and Lana have had eye infections and pretty bad colds, which coincided perfectly with Matthew starting his new job. This has resulted in some bad nights for all of us, and combined with the stress of a new job you can imagine the grumpiness that has been going on in our house haha! Matthew didn’t sleep much two nights in a row, and oh my god the drama. On the second night he came into “my” bedroom (he sleeps in the living room) at 2am, holding his head and stressing about if he’ll ever be able to sleep again. Seriously. Imagine if I, someone who hasn’t slept for 4 years, did that every time I wasn’t sleeping great. It was pretty comical though and something we laugh about now.

The girls in their Aarrekid summer dresses.

Luckily Matthew and I haven’t gotten the cold – or well we’ve both felt very mild symptoms so maybe our immune systems is just fighting it off, who knows. I better not get sick as I have my first trail running competition this season on Saturday! So looking forward to a nice 22 km long run in the forest. The past two Sundays I’ve been going for 18 km runs with my friend – and oh my god how much quicker they’ve gone with some company! A very nice and energising way to start a Sunday too 🙂

My latest macrame piece.
My 8 avocado babies. Three seeds have cracked so far!
I’m also enjoying decorating (and eating) my smoothie bowls 🙂

Lana’s been more difficult to get to sleep as she keeps getting out of her bed and coming up with all sorts of reasons for why she needs to stay up a bit longer. The other night she came into the living room saying she needs to tidy up before she can go to bed. As if she’s ever volunteered to clean before!

In a couple of weeks we’re flying to Riga and then driving to the countryside in Lithuania for a three-day wedding celebration. Can’t wait! After that we’ll spend a few days in Riga, so if anyone has tips on what to do there please let me know! This will be the first holiday with both girls I think 😀

Last but not least, if you’d like to try matcha you will get 15% off with the code NINAAIKAS2019 from Moya Matcha until the end of May. I’ve been drinking Moya Matcha for a year now so I can recommend! They also sell lovely starter kits, which come with your own matcha bowl (the prettiest around if you ask me) and a whisk. Moya Matcha ships all over Europe.

Just one more thing…I’ve also teamed up with Ideal of Sweden, who will give you 20% all their phone cases/wallets/bags etc. on their website until the 11th of May. Their cases are gorgeous and will make handling your phone so much nicer – trust me, I’m speaking from experience, as a person who’s never had a pretty phone case before! Ideal of Sweden ships everywhere I think.

Ok, time to get some toilet cleaning done before Maya wakes up…Have a great week folks!

x Nina x