One Week After the Move

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alppiruusupuisto haaga helsinki

We’ve been in Finland for a week now, and with the girls’ sleep routines being disrupted due to the two hour time difference we’ve been quite tired and haven’t had much time to ourselves. We’ve also needed some time to recover from all the stress of packing and moving and haven’t really had the energy to socialise yet – but we’ve done stuff with the kids, such as visited the pretty Rhododendron Park in Helsinki you can see in the photos.

It feels like we’re just on one of our Finland visits – and I wonder if that’s what Lana thinks too even though we’ve explained to her many times that we now live in Finland and she’s repeated that several times…Who knows what goes on in her head! I feel like I still can’t get my head around this huge life change; on one hand it doesn’t feel like a big deal at all and on the other hand it feels like everything has changed and I don’t know where to begin to start sorting everything out. I struggle to put into words how I’m feeling at the moment to be honest – but I do know that I’m very happy to be here!!

We have a new car, which makes life SO much easier as we can go wherever we want and don’t have to ask my dad for a ride or to borrow his car all the time. Our Nissan Qashqai has quickly become our third baby and we are in love <3 At the beginning of July we’ll probably move into the flat my mum owns in Helsinki – just need to sort out a few things first, such as a new oven, washing machine and bed for Maya. Our stuff arrived safely on Sunday, so very happy about that. It was a Polish guy who didn’t speak a word of English who drove all the way from Edinburgh!

Matthew has applied for a few jobs, but it seems like it’s a bit quiet at the moment – and with Finns usually taking one month off in summer you can see why. He’s got a football team though and is excited to play his first game tonight! Don’t know if Finns have unusually small feet though as he’s struggled to find football boots in a size 45-46, to the point where we had to go to Helsinki to a specific shop to get him a pair. Or is it just Matthew’s feet that are freakishly big??

Anyway, as I mentioned on Instagram, Matthew’s parents and brother have booked their flights to come and visit us in Helsinki in August – so soon we’ll be able to show them around my, or should I say OUR, beautiful city!

x Nina x

PS. Unfortunately the images turned out a bit blurry 🙁