A Weekend in Stockholm with the Girls

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The long awaited girly weekend getaway to Stockholm came and went way too quickly, just like fun things always tend to do. Can’t say I was physically rested after only sleeping a few hours per night, but the trip definitely gave me a mental boost – it’s just so relaxing to spend time with people from your own little town that speak the same dialect and that you’ve known for so long! 

The weekend was arranged by two of the girls who had kept the plans secret, which meant the rest of us had no idea what was going to go down in Stockholm. We found out as we went along, and everything turned out perfectly. Well done tour guides!


We were supposed to be 7 altogether, but unfortunately one mama had to stay at home with sick kids. 🙁 All the other girls flew from Helsinki, and since there was only a flight in the morning from Edinburgh I spent most of the day on my own.


The others finally arrived in the evening and we could get the bubbles flowing! We had a late dinner at Riche – a hip bistro with a Swedish/French menu. Service was great as was the food – maybe little too loud for our delicate ears though (jesus we’re getting so old!)


We got back around 2am and didn’t really get to bed until 3am so not much sleep the first night. Getting up at 8am (because of a little misunderstanding with time differences) wasn’t too bad since we had the hotel breakfast to look forward to! As expected, I ate way too much…


After breakfast we headed out to our secret destination in a lovely old school tram that we all just had to take our cameras out for.


A fun ride!


The secret destination turned out to be…the Abba Museum!


The museum had lots and lots of memorabilia, extravagant outfits, music and rooms with different themes – here we’re showing off our rusty moves in the disco room 🙂


I hope I will never have to wear anything like this!


And here they are! Must say the dolls were pretty realistic.rosendalsträdgård

After the museum we walked through Djurgården Island to a lovely cafe called Rosendal’s Garden. It’s an open garden with many greenhouses, and everything sold in the cafe is organic and produced right there. It was such a nice place that I’ll dedicate a whole blog post to it when I have time!


Lunch consisted of potato and leek soup as well as cake and wine of course. I think I had wine with every single meal during the weekend haha!


In the evening our dedicated tour guides took us to Koh Phangan in Thailand – I mean Sweden. I haven’t been this excited about a restaurant in a long time, it was just such an unreal place in the middle of Stockholm. So unexpected to find a Thai paradise in Sweden!


You could’ve easily gotten lost in the restaurant – in between all the plants, bambu and fairy lights.


The food was great too – and the massive Singha beers brought back memories from our 6 weeks in Thailand…They still went down surprisingly well!


After dinner we headed back to the hotel to check out the bar – via the hotel mirror….


The following day our tour guides took us for some award winning (much needed) coffee at Johan & Nyström. Nope, we’re not lost…:)


Afterwards we took a wee walk on the streets of Södermalm, catching some fresh air whilst sipping on our coffees.


The sun even came out!


The next stop was the Italian restaurant Pane Vino (if you speak Finnish you’ll probably chuckle a little when you hear the name). Again, the food was amazing – especially this pretty mushroom risotto with berries that my friend ordered had to be documented on several photos.


Before we knew it it was time to walk back to the hotel, pick up the luggage, say goodbye and head to the airport (we flew from different airports so I was once again on my own).

Thank you girls for a great weekend and keeping me sane! 😉 Puss & kram!

x Nina x

PS. You might’ve noticed that some photos (all the best ones) have a watermark on them – that’s because they’re taken by my friend who’s a lot better at taking photos than I am!