When the Adams Family Visited Porvoo

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So with Lana going to nursery I foolishly thought I’d have lots of extra time to blog – but I seem to have forgotten that 10-month-olds don’t really play on their own, but prefer to follow you around the house demanding to get picked up every two seconds…So here I am, trying to publish something about Matthew’s family’s visit two weeks later!

It was Nana, Pop and Matthew’s older brother who paid us a visit for three nights only. They arrived on Saturday afternoon and left on Tuesday evening – and stayed in a nice Airbnb flat close to our place. Very convenient! On Saturday we didn’t have time for much else then a short walk, dinner at Cargo vegetarian restaurant followed by a wee nosey around their flat. On Sunday we drove the one hour drive to my home town Porvoo, where we had lunch with my parents. On Monday we walked around Helsinki for hours and on Tuesday we had lunch at Moko and coffee and cake at Kanniston Leipomo. Since I have so many photos I’m going to do one post about our day in Porvoo and another one of our time in Helsinki. Here we go!

The first stop on the Adams family Porvoo visit was the Cathedral.

Soon my mum and dad joined us and a few welcoming hugs were exchanged.

A quick group photo had to be taken!

And this is the reason we couldn’t get Lana to look into the camera…She loves ladybugs so much – usually so much they don’t make it…

Her little doll got to say hi to the ladybird too.

We just slowly strolled around the Old Town, with everyone catching up on the latest gossip and Lana running into every shop she saw. She actually got chucked out from one of them –  which made me wish more shop owners did that so we didn’t have to go in after her!

Nana and Pop are very much into their antiques, so Porvoo with its antique shops was quite a good place to go!

Yup, I was there too in case you were wondering!

I was enjoying taking photos again after a long break – and my pretty little home town is a great place to get the camera out!

This is the town hall, which now serves as a museum. Love that coral colour!

And here we have my husband…

There, much better!

Thought it would be nice with a photo of all the girls, but Lana wasn’t co-operating. I think she was so excited to have her Nana, Pop and uncle Dan visiting that she was all over the place and slightly hyper.

All the other photos looked like this…

We climbed onto the bridge so we could see the iconic Porvoo view with the red shore houses – one of the most photographed tourist attractions in Finland actually. These houses were used to store merchandise and exotic delicacies back in the day. Now they house museums, restaurants, shops and homes.

Whilst up on the bridge a cycling competition swooshed past.

A lot of people come to Porvoo to shop in the lovely little independent stores in the Old Town. Lana wanted a hobby horse but I’m not sure if we’re ready for it yet…

We popped into Bohemia second hand shop – a lovely space with beautiful things. There were some similarities with Bohemia Design in Edinburgh – such as the Moroccan pouffes they also sell.

Pop couldn’t understand why this pretty lady wouldn’t answer his question…

Lana had the same problem with this little girl.

Whilst the others were shopping Matthew got to take photos of me and my new short hair. Lucky guy.

And finally it was time to grab some lunch! I had booked a table at Gabriel 1763 so that’s where we headed. I can recommend it if you’re ever around!

They do really nice pizzas, but also other dishes – think my mum had salmon and Matthew’s mum chicken. The rest of us rolled with pizzas.

My dad ordered the world’s biggest beer. Here he’s just double-checking it was what he ordered…

After lunch the gossiping continued. These two didn’t stop chatting the whole time!

Old Porvoo isn’t the best place for a buggy, especially if you want to explore the smaller streets and alleys. Which you should!

Matthew’s family obviously had to see where my parents lived, so that’s where we headed next. Lana and Maya enjoyed a bit of playtime before going inside.

Maya loves balls – but maybe all babies do?

Finally it was time for coffee and a passionfruit cheesecake, before driving back to Helsinki. A lovely day! It’s nice that our parents get along so well 🙂 Until next time!

x Nina x