When the Air Hurts Your Face

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We’re back from Finland and after getting used to how -20 degrees feels on your face it felt pretty tropical when we stepped out of the plane here in Edinburgh! I was really glad we got to experience a really cold spell though as it was quite an exotic thing for Matthew and I’m constantly missing the four distinctive seasons we get in Finland. 

Lana was really impressed with the snow and kept saying “nö” (snö – snow in Swedish) whenever she looked out the window – and she didn’t seem to mind the cold that much either. She did let me put her gloves on though so she must’ve been a little bit cold…

I never thought I would miss snow as much as I have during my 5+ years in the UK. I miss the sound your shoes make when you walk in snow and I miss skiing. I miss the magical white landscapes after a snowfall. I miss the crystal clear cold nights when you can see the stars. I miss making snow angels and snow lanterns. I miss walking through a snow storm. I even miss it when it gets so cold that your face hurts and your nose hairs freeze when you go outside. Luckily I got to experience most of these things during my visit!

This post is dedicated to the snow and the cold – to the magnificent Finnish winter!

x Nina x