Amazing “Maternity” Dresses by Zara

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I find it difficult to find nice maternity wear – and to be honest I don’t even want to spend too much money on clothes I can only wear for a few months. When pregnant with Lana I didn’t really care what I was wearing and hardly bought any new clothes, but now I strongly feel that I want to feel as feminine and pretty as I can – perhaps it’s the summer making me feel this way, who knows. So when I discovered Zara’s summer dresses and realised that so many of them look like they could fit a pregnant belly into them I was over the moon!

I like short, lose dresses as they show off what I think is my best asset: my legs. Plus I feel comfortable and “free” in them, always have. I’ve gathered a few of my Zara favourites here (there are many more though!) that I think are great because I can wear them also when I’m not pregnant and don’t want to hold in my belly (which is more or less never – hold in my belly that is!!). If you haven’t noticed already; extravagant, crazy sleeves are very hot at the moment, and there’s plenty of them here too – take a look!

I’ve ordered two of these already, so will soon see how they fit. Hopefully my belly won’t make them too short!

Which one is your favourite? What did you wear when you were pregnant?

x Nina x

PS. I received the dresses and they’re perfect – not too short and can easily fit a preggo belly or two!