An Epic Date Night

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Last Saturday was a great day. It was the day that Matthew’s parents had promised to take Lana overnight for the first time so we could go on a date night without a curfew – which we definitely took advantage of!…


Before you get confused about what kind of a date night hanging out at a kids’ disco is, I just wanted to share a few photos from our pre-date Saturday. We had booked tickets for Monski Mouse’s baby disco at 10.45am, which is without a doubt the earliest disco I’ve ever been to!


Lana’s friend joined as well, but it took a while before they got into it…Guess they’ve never been in such an environment before so no wonder! Lana didn’t even want to come in at first – and then she spent the following 20 minutes trying to leave…But she did start enjoying it eventually and even did some dance moves. Her wee friend was more interested in his beloved football haha. But I have to say I enjoyed dancing far more than Lana did!


After the show we were hungry so we headed to the Boxsmall market to get something to eat and let Lana play a little.


After that we finally got Lana to sleep so I could pop into Craft Scotland’s summer show – so many lovely things I would’ve liked to buy, such as gorgeous hand-folded lamps by Kate Colin!


We got home around 4pm when Matthew’s parents came and picked Lana up for her first sleepover. As I was packing her little bag I got a tiny bit emotional but I knew she was going to be absolutely fine so focussed on opening a bottle of bubbles instead to start off our date night, woohoo!


We had tickets for a comedy show by Laurence Clark at George Square – it was something I picked randomly, cause as you can see from the trillions of posters in the photo, there are so many damn shows to choose from! Turned out it was a guy with cerebral palsy, so it was a bit of a surprise. But the show was good and apart from being funny it also gave us an insight into what life with the condition is.


After the show we soaked up a bit of the festival atmosphere and walked past random characters, such as these pretty singing ladies.


Everywhere you look you see the festival!


Aah more fizz. I had booked a table at a new restaurant on St Mary’s street called Lovage – which apparently is a herb and has nothing to do with love…We had a romantic meal anyway!

lovage veggie main

The restaurant was nice and Matthew really enjoyed his meaty meal – my vegetarian meal (this is tortellini with aubergine and Taleggio-cheese filling) was not the best I’ve had unfortunately. The starter was too sweet for my liking and the main too dry – in hindsight I should’ve just asked for more sauce!


After our meal we went to the Devil’s Advocate, but it was too full so we went to the Villager instead and had some cocktails – ’cause you can’t do a date night without cocktails right?!


At midnight the second show of the night was supposed to start but we ended up waiting for an hour as the previous show was delayed…The only downside to the night!


Luckily the show, the Best of the Fest, was worth the wait! It’s a compilation show with the best comedians of the Fringe. At one point there was a big Brexit debate between a pro-leave guy in the first row and the pro-stay comedian – or I guess it wasn’t really a debate as the brexiter got completely destroyed! Boom! The comedian who had to follow that act didn’t have it easy…

We left Assembly Hall just after 2am but still didn’t go home – instead we met up with some friends and went to a couple of bars, had some tequila shots and danced into the wee hours! It must’ve been over two years since that happened last time. So much fun was had that we didn’t get home until 5am…When I panicked a little bit and felt like a bad mum…Matthew assured me I wasn’t so further drama was avoided haha. For some odd reason we didn’t even feel that bad the following day (thank god for that)!

My Saturday started with some dancing at a baby disco and ended with some dancing at an adult disco. Perfect day!

Have a great weekend everyone!

x Nina x