An Evening in the Sun

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As the summer was pretty shit in Edinburgh I said to everyone that my last hope of some nice weather was on this holiday in Finland – and somebody clearly was paying attention as the sun has been shining pretty much every day and it’s been around 20 degrees until now! So thank you whoever is responsible!

This evening was the first time Lana saw these two cousins during our stay in Finland, and it was endearing to watch how well they got along and how nice they were to each other – giving each other flowers and hugs! Might be a whole other story if we lived in Finland and they saw each other all the time though…I took the camera with me to the play park to document the cuzzies’ rendezvous – here are some of mine (and Matthew’s snaps)!

gift flowers mylove running footballers slide swinging swings lanaanton sand sandpit busungar hippa pipi

Lana fell over when running and saw the opportunity to milk me for some sympathy – something she’s started doing a lot more lately. No idea why!


And here’s Matthew against a 1 and a 4-year old – what a fair game!

x Nina x