An Ordinary Week

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Maya has been pretty needy lately and basically hasn’t wanted to do anything on her own or let me do anything on my own either – so that’s why there hasn’t been much activity on my blog this week! Like her big sister, she’s not a great napper during the day either, which doesn’t give me much time to get stuff done. She often only naps for 30 minutes – unless I take her out in the pram when she might sleep for up to two hours.

Anyway, thought I’d share some photos I’ve taken with my phone from the past week and show you what we’ve gotten up to. Nothing much out of the ordinary – apart from one thing…Scroll down to see what it is!

But first if all I want to share this slightly shocking photo just to see if anyone can guess what it is??

Last Sunday we met up with some friends in the Botanics for some Easter egg hunting and hanging out in the cold spring air.

As it was Easter these two got lucky and scored themselves some chocolate eggs. Lana was on such a sugar high all day!

Little miss Maya just wants to sit up properly all the time and I think the bouncer days might be over. The other day I found her lying on the floor with her face down and one foot caught in the bouncer belt. She didn’t seem bothered about it at all though and was just trying to reach one of her toys haha. I remember Lana doing the same actually.

Playing together <3  Or well Lana was entertaining Maya – more of this please!

What Maya and I do when Lana is with Nana and Pop 🙂

What Lana does when I’m not looking…Blinging it up. I don’t know if all 3-year-olds are the same, but Lana seems to CONSTANTLY be doing something she’s not allowed to. And she KNOWS she’s not allowed but still does it. If I say no she won’t say anything and just quietly do it again. Most of the time it feels like we have no power whatsoever over her. I bet she’ll be a horror teenager…

A girly mirror selfie from Wednesday when it was pouring down all day and we didn’t go out.

On Thursday Inverleith Park looked like this – but when walking past again on Friday it was nearly all gone. Amazing.

On Friday we had some electricians come over to check the wiring in our flat – think our fuse box will have to be changed and perhaps the wiring too. It’s annoying (and expensive) but safety comes first. As Matthew was off work as well we left the flat so that the guys could work undisturbed. We went to the Botanics, the play park, the library, I had a dentist appointment and finally we had a late lunch at Cowan & Sons in Stockbridge.

Maya was watching the short video they play at the Botanics and Matthew snapped the most gorgeous photo of our little baby.

As usual, lunch out with Lana can be, hmm, challenging. She only knocked over one glass of water this time though.

I don’t know how she does it, but before we had time to interfere she had managed to grab a piece of brownie from the counter and shove it in her mouth. They were really nice about it though and didn’t make us pay for the whole piece. Just look at those defiant eyes…

On Saturday we enjoyed our first few child-free hours in 5 months! (God we look tired…) And what did we do?

We went car shopping! We’re looking at affordable small SUVs – and the Ford Ecosport is a contender. Once we have a car we’ve pretty much collected all the adult points I think.

Have you seen such a clever bag?!

Our friends James & Minty came over for dinner on Saturday so we popped into Waitrose to get some drinks and snacks after test driving the Ecosport. We lazily just ordered a takeaway pizza from La Favorita…Minty brought us the beautiful flowers in the first photo and had also made Lana a pinata (her first one I think!) and she was having so much fun that she stayed up until 10pm almost. After getting Lana to bed I went to put Maya to bed at 10.30 and just decided to lie down for five minutes – and fell asleep. I feel like such a tired mum and I am gutted to have missed out on all the fun – had a go at Matthew for not waking me up in the morning.

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Wishing you all a lovely April week!

x Nina x