My Frog is 18 Months Old!

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Today my little frog is 1,5 year old! Somehow going from a year to a year and a half has gone a lot slower than what Lana’s first year went. Maybe because there hasn’t been huge sudden steps in terms of development, such as crawling, walking, weaning and the first words were. But I don’t mind it going slowly as I don’t really want my little girl to grow up too fast! (Although I impatiently wish she’d start talking more already!)

Lana is still the social, happy, incredibly cheeky and very independent girl she’s always been. She talks and waves to everyone from businessmen to homeless people, trying to get their attention. Today in the shop she started running after two women on two separate occasions, shouting “mamma”, “mamma” haha! Not sure what was going through her head!

She knows what she wants and is not afraid to ask for it, whether that is a toy another kid has, a YouTube clip she wants to see, a packet of raisins or something interesting she wants to explore. She’s usually quite good with rejection, but I can see those small tantrums getting bigger…


Our sleeping arrangements are still not ideal, meaning Lana and I sleep in the bedroom and Matthew in the living room…Lana goes down in her own cot around 8pm (usually not without a fight though) and sleeps until 11pm-1am when she wakes up and I take her into bed with me – I just can’t be bothered putting up a fight! She still wakes a few times, which is the reason Matthew’s not sleeping in the bed. But when we move we will try our hardest to get her to sleep in her own bed in her own room!…

Lana is still obsessed with boob and feeds around 2 times per day. I only stopped feeding her at night a couple of weeks ago – and she’s still wakes up asking for milk in the middle of the night…Talk about being persistent! Matthew and I are going to Copenhagen for three nights at the end of October, and I have decided that that will be the cut-off point – if not before.


I guess Lana eats fairly well for a toddler. She can eat pretty big portions, especially if we’re talking pasta. If we’re eating something she’ll usually want to try it as well, but if you put the same thing on her own plate chances are she won’t – but I guess that’s how toddlers work! Her favourite foods are still pasta, fruit, bread, berries, cheese, roasted veg, raisins etc. Not very inspiring! She doesn’t like meat, fish or chicken, and we’re still not giving her egg due to her skin rash. We do try to introduce as many foods to her as possible, but if she’s not in the mood it’ll all end up on the floor.

Lana can definitely be a little girl when it comes to playing. She loves looking after her doll and stuffed toys, putting them to bed, taking them for a walk in her little buggy, giving them a drink from her cup or a bite from her sandwich or even changing their nappies. She loves when we read together but she also “reads” on her own. If I give her a snack when we’re out with a friend of hers she wants me to give some to her friend as well. If daddy kisses Lana goodbye she wants him to kiss mummy too. When she’s having dinner before us she wants us all to sit down at the table (we try having dinner together whenever we can). She is very generous with her kisses and hugs as well – such a caring little soul.


Lana definitely has a wild side as well and loves jumping on the sofa, trying to climb everything, wrestling with daddy, just running around aimlessly and shouting. She yells so much at the moment that it really gets on my nerves, really hope it’ll stop soon! She is also testing us a lot, doing things she knows she’s not allowed to with a cheeky smile…Telling her off doesn’t help at all, she’ll just do it all over again as soon as she gets a chance. Very frustrating! We recently bought her a mini scooter as she’s always stealing other kids’ scooters when we’re out and about – and for a 1,5 year old she’s pretty good on it! Very proud 🙂

Lana loves to talk in her own gobbledygook language and she’s only recently expanded her very sparse vocabulary a little with words such as, baa baa (what sheep say), moo (what cows say), hide (she loves to hide, especially when it’s time to brush her teeth), hoppa (jumping in Swedish – she’s very into jumping at the moment) and I don’t think it’ll be long now until she starts calling Matthew pappa instead of mamma…She also started saying baby today so I’m hoping this is where it all takes off and we’ll have a talking toddler soon!

That’s my girl in a nutshell! <3

x Nina x