And We’re Having…

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…another girl!! I had my second scan today and we were so happy and relieved to be told that the baby looks perfectly well in every way and is growing as she should. And there was no way we weren’t going to find out the sex! We got such a good view that we could tell ourselves that it was a girl even before the radiologist told us 🙂

With the baby wriggling and kicking around in my belly and Lana running around the room impatiently the radiologist just laughed and said it looks like we’re having another very energetic child…(We wanted to bring Lana to the second scan too to make the whole thing a bit more real for her.) My placenta is in the front but the radiologist could still feel the baby kicking and moving, which is unusual she said. Apparently it’s a strong little girl too <3

I could tell Matthew was a bit shocked (even though I’ve been telling him all along that it’ll be another girl – as did the Tarot cards) by the thought of there soon being 3 females to one man in our family 🙂 It does feel a bit strange having another girl having 5 brothers myself and only male cousins too. It’ll be good though as we’ll be able to recycle all of Lana’s clothes and shoes haha!

x Nina x