Animals, Ice Cream and Preggo Running

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We’re back in Edinburgh and my cold is finally almost gone, which means I have the energy to blog again! It feels a lot colder here and SO humid compared to Finland. It also gets dark earlier and today I swear I could feel autumn in the air… Anyway, I’m afraid this will be another post revolving around kids, animals and ice cream – these three things basically sums up our holiday in Finland haha. 

We thought it would be nice to get all four cousins together and do something fun – so on a sunny Monday we (and the rest of Finland) headed to Helsinki zoo. The zoo is on an island, so you have to walk over a bridge to get there – and before we knew it Lana had thrown her hat in the sea, with no chance of saving it. Well done.

We reached the entrance one sun hat lighter.

First we headed to the big cat section and managed to see a leopard feeding – you can see it just next to Matthew’s head.

However, since these animals are most active at night and the cages were quite big and full of greenery we didn’t see many big cats. Have to say the zoo with its bigger cages and lush vegetation felt more animal friendly than Edinburgh Zoo.

Watching reindeer eat.

Such a Finnish view!

Think the most exciting bit for me was these two bears that ran down to their pool and had a bit of a play fight. After watching The Revenant (watch it if you haven’t already!) I can never look at a bear the same way again…There had been a bear sighting near my parents house before we got there, so I was a bit hesitant going out for a walk in the woods as well…

Looks like Lana’s trying to jump. We had a very scary situation today when Lana ran out right in front of a car on a busy road…I just screamed, as did a lady behind me who saw the whole thing – but THANK GOD the car was able to steer away from Lana. I was so angry/upset/worried at the same time and I just felt so helpless. Horrible experience – worse than when she runs away.

Trying to show Lana where the bears were.

I remembered the camels from my visits as a kid so I was happy to bump into them again (wonder if it could be the same ones?)

Time for a lunch break. What was nice was that there was a buffet of home cooked food – something that’s pretty common in Finland. Beats crisps and sandwiches!

And naturally we all had ice creams for dessert. Had to try as many of the hundreds of different options as I could – and you don’t get salty liquorice ice cream everywhere!

There are always peacocks roaming around freely at the zoo. Their screams are pretty horrifying and made me jump a few times during the visit.

My lovely little nephew enjoying a huge ice cream – just look at that happy face! <3

Ice cream chat.

Then someone decided it would be funny to get ice cream on my light blue dress and all four kids started chasing me, spurred on by Matthew. Preggo running at 25 weeks was not my idea of fun, but I couldn’t risk getting my dress dirty either.

This thing amused the kids for a good while – more than any animal had before that haha.

We then went into the humid tropical houses where we saw turtles, snakes, bugs, fish, birds and all sorts of interesting animals.

The nearby play park was a big hit as well.

After several hours on the island it was time to head back, but not before a last fox-ride. On the way back over the bridge Lana kept talking about her hat and wanted Matthew to jump in to look for it. Luckily she had a new hat waiting at home that I had picked up at the sale the day before!

It was such a treat to watch the cousins get along so well and have fun together – which they did every time they saw each other during our visit. They should get to hang out more.

x Nina x