Another Year Older!

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I’m usually not too keen on celebrating my birthday and being reminded of the fact that I’m (still) getting older, but I think that I’m finally starting to be ok with it. 32 is not a bad age at all and there’s so much to look forward to that I just can’t be wasting any time or energy on being upset about getting older!

32 yearsI had a great birthday yesterday – I was woken up by Lana who then woke up daddy so he could give mommy her presents 😀 Matthew had filled a whole photo album with photos of our time together, which is such a nice thing to do! Lana and I then had lunch with two lovely ladies and their babies, and in the evening Lana kindly went to bed without protest so that we could indulge in a Pizza Express take away followed by a tub of Ben & Jerry’s…:)

On Saturday Matthew is taking me out for dinner, which means we will be leaving Lana after she’s gone to bed for the first time (!) Matthew’s mum and dad will come over to look after her, and I really hope the sleep training I’ve been doing with her will be worth the while and she’ll stay asleep the whole time. On the other hand I’d be quite interested to know how she would react when someone else goes to her when she’s crying during the night…But it’s about time we do this and I’m very excited about Saturday!!

Thank you everybody who remembered me on my birthday!!!

x Nina x