Asuntomessut Housing Fair 2015

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A must visit for everyone who’re thinking about buying or building a house, who’re interested in interior design or curious about the housing trends is the Asuntomessut Housing Fair 2015. The fair is organised every year in different locations, and the houses and flats built there are actually for sale and the whole area will become a new neighbourhood.

This year the fair was in the city of Vantaa, just 10 minutes from the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. It’s a popular event that is open for a full month – it was pretty busy when we visited on a Thursday. And as it was pretty busy there was no time to hang around and take loads of photos inside the houses, so I’ve just randomly snapped photos here and there!


The new street names were all quite beautiful: Tiger Eye and Ruby Crescent can be seen here.


My brother with wife and son joined us – here the little ones are saying hi 🙂


Interesting idea – but not sure if I’d like to have a starry sky in my own home though…


When I get a bigger home one of the most important pieces of furniture will be the kitchen table: it needs to be big and rustic just like this one here.


None of us really liked the idea of lowering down the living room area – just don’t see the point..Do you?


A lovely room for a little girl, but I would personally be pretty scared that my kid would come tumbling down from a bed that high up :/


Lana’s little cousin is always dressed in such a cool way 🙂 (Need to get Lana some skinny jeans too.)


Inside the most American house of the fair – not really my style at all to be honest.


Something I saw over and over again in several houses was the use of skins in all shapes and forms.


This timber house didn’t look too impressive from the outside, but was quite light and airy on the inside.


They had used big mirrors to open up the space even more.


There were two windows like this in this bedroom that I really liked – if the neighbours wouldn’t be able to see straight into the room!


A mirror felfie.


To me the most interesting rooms were the living room and kitchen area, but there were pretty bathrooms too.


More skins! And big windows that I like.


These two look slightly bored…


As we couldn’t bring the strollers inside we had to take turns visiting the houses. Hence visiting without small children would’ve been a better option.


One of the very modern houses – I like those stairs.


As you can see there were quite a few people inside the houses, so you had to follow specific routes in order to get around smoothly.


This is a nice space, but not a fan of this blingy interior. Just think it lacks character when there’s nothing old in the mix.


The kitchen in the same house – I liked the openness of it all but not sure about not having any traditional kitchen cupboards…


Wouldn’t say no to a little jacuzzi or a deck like this!


The most ecological house at the fair.


The guys patiently waiting with the sleeping babies.


Look like an Ikea-house don’t you think? I like the idea of the living room being two floors high and having a balcony from where you can look down.


These wall paintings were quite cool.


There was a wee plane in the middle of it all – perhaps because the area is so close to the airport.


I liked the colour of this house – and the shape is quite interesting too. It was closer to a million euros though…


I saw this lamp in another house too. I have to say that I was a bit disappointed by the decors of the houses – many of them were very similar and very modern. I like modern, but mixed up with old things.


This is also inside the purple house – interesting solution with one wall being glass…Guess it creates an illusion of more space.


Up on the roof terrace of the same house.


There was also one very modern house with a pool in the yard – wouldn’t say no to that.

We spent a few hours all in all, but didn’t see nearly all 40+ houses and flats. Our strategy was to visit the houses that looked interesting from the outside and the flats we ignored completely. I think we would’ve seen more if we hadn’t had the children with us, but definitely still worth a visit!

A lot of space and natural light is what I like and am used to, and this visit really confirmed that that’s what I look for in a house. In fact, I thought many of the houses were even too small for my taste (!) Luckily I think Matthew and I both like quite modern houses (or at least interiors), we just can’t agree on in which country it should be…

x Nina x