A Wee Life Update

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Howdy ho! Sunday is usually a day I feel like blogging, so here I am! Just felt like rambling on about what’s happening in our lives – a wee life update in other words.

Where I get my Knitting Patterns From

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chunky Freya Sweater Hipknitshop

One of the best things about autumn is getting all excited about knitting again and planning all my projects. Recently a few people have asked me where I get my knitting patterns from, so I thought it could be a good idea to write down some tips in a blog post. I also realised that I haven’t shown you guys the three jumpers I have successfully finished – so I had to force Matthew to take some photos of me, which he was very happy about.

Our (Foodie) Holiday to Tallinn

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Family holiday Tallinn

Ok guys, it’s finally happening. I’ve gone through aaall the photos from our wee trip to Tallinn and chosen the ones I want to include in this blog. It was such a nice, relaxed trip with incredibly delicious food and pleasant weather – not without some drama though…

A New Family Member

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On the 10th of August we welcomed a new member to our family: a little black domestic cat lady. After almost going with Lana’s suggestion and naming her Evelina we eventually named her Alma. I’ve always liked the name and it means “soul” or “spirit” in Spanish, which I think is nice.

The First Summer in Our Garden

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After having dreamt of a garden for years I still quite can’t believe we have one now. And that we have a garden with enough space to grow pretty much whatever we want! So lucky. I want to document our first gardening season, so I took some photos of our accomplishments (with my new camera of course.)

Hempea & Archetype – Two sustainable Finnish Brands You Should Know About

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When I was younger I didn’t care much what fabric my clothes and other textiles were, and I never checked what fabric a piece of clothing was before I bought it. Now it’s usually the first thing I check and if the material of a garment or textile doesn’t feel nice I simply won’t buy it. I also want to favour more sustainable and natural fabrics, both because I like them better and because it’s better for the environment.

What We’ve Been Up To

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Hello there! It’s a sunny and summery day here in the Porvoo countryside and I suddenly felt it’s about time I write something on my neglected blog. A little update, long overdue.

The Perfect Toy for any Child (and Parent)

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Esnaf Wooden Magnetic Toys

Well hello, it’s been a while! Last time I wrote we were still in the midst of corona, whereas now life is starting to get back to normal. The girls have been back at nursery for a month and I have been going to my office (with just one other person there) but Matthew continues to work from home.

Hello from Home!

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Howdy ho from casa Äikäs-Adams! How is everyone holding up? Getting cabin fever or maybe secretly enjoying social distancing? I want to keep writing down how this absurd time is affecting us – so here’s a wee update from us 🙂