Back to Uni

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Yesterday I was watching a Finnish reality show about ice hockey players wives/girlfriends, and in that show one of the girlfriends was studying nutrition at the open University. I instantly googled it, found a course that starts today and signed up! I’ve been interested in nutrition for most of my adult life, so it is about time I start doing something about it! And hey, this clearly proves that it can be useful to watch reality TV garbage haha!

A Moment to Breathe

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Some days I just know it’s going to be a good day right from the start. The energy is different and I know I’m going to get a lot done. Usually this has nothing to do with how I’ve slept, because let’s face it, I rarely have a good night’s sleep because of my two little alarm clocks that go off throughout the night…

3 Months Later…

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Well hello there, it’s been a while! Three months to be precise! But I’m back and I never actually intended to stop blogging, a break just sort of happened. These past three months have held some big changes within them and it’s been pretty hectic at times – leaving not much time nor energy to blog.

Maya 18 Months

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Maya 18 months

I haven’t been blogging very much lately, but I do feel like I need to write something about Maya at 1,5 years of age. Well I don’t need to but I want to so that I can go back and read it later on – and compare to Lana’s 18-month update.

A Wee Life Update

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Oh boy, it’s been a month since my last blog…There’s just been a lot going on and I haven’t felt like opening my laptop to be honest. Instead I’ve been doing more reading, knitting, knotting and sewing. But time for a quick update now me thinks!

Chaos, Me-Time & New Shoes

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The moments of calm are few and far in between in our house these days, but I’m sure I will miss the chaos that comes with two little kids when it’s not there anymore. Just earlier tonight Maya was hanging on her highchair, which tipped over on top of her and somehow gave her a proper nosebleed. Lana was right next to her and also started crying and asking over and over again if Maya is ok. It is so nice and reassuring that she gets so worried when her little sister hurts herself – she really seems to care about her 🙂

Cranky Toddler, Sugar Detox & DIY Mania

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It’s been one of those pretty tiring weeks so I thought I’d come here and complain a little to you guys haha. I’m also on a one-month “sugar detox”, which might make me a bit cranky too…But I actually just came back from an energising run, finally washed my hair and I have a fresh batch of home made granola in the oven, so life is winning again!

A New Toy

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creatimber balance board

For ages I’ve been thinking about getting the girls one of those wooden curved boards that kids (and adults) can work on their balance on and get rid of some of that excess energy, but just haven’t gotten around to actually buying one. So when Csilla from SaltyFun got in touch asking if I’d like to try out a Creatimber board she recently started selling in her web shop I didn’t hesitate to say yes.

Salty Fun, Tantrums & Baby Fever

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saltyfun finland

Hi guys, it’s been a while! We basically dedicated a whole week to experiencing what it’s like when the whole family has a stomach bug and then the following week I’ve just been lacking energy to write. And then when I finally do decide to blog I discover my website has also gotten ill with a grave error. But that’s fixed now thank god!