Autumn in Scotland

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First of all I have some good news; my little nephew finally arrived last Saturday, can’t wait to meet him! Have to wait a couple of months though, until we go to Finland again 🙁 We decided to celebrate Christmas here (partly because the flights were so expensive) and New Year in Finland, so this will be my first British Christmas 🙂 If anyone knows of any New Year parties in Porvoo or Helsinki do let me know!

Autumn has always been my favourite season, the whole atmosphere is somehow more solemn, calm and spiritual than during other seasons. The autumnal colours are obviously also a reason why I love the season so much. Don’t know if the fact that I’m an autumn child has anything to do with it  as well?!

I was looking forward to taking autumnal photos when staying at Monachyle Mhor hotel for my birthday, but the rain got a little bit in the way. It’s just such a hassle trying to keep the lens clear from raindrops and trying to manage all the settings at the same time, whilst battling with a massive poncho. Here are still a few photos Matthew and I took in the Scottish Highlands.


Those ponchos came in handy (although we looked like twats).

Loch Voil Scotland

orange Ram Monachyle Mhor Hotel forest autumn waterfall Perthshire Scotland redlamb tree sheep leaves autumn colours Scotland countryside rain mossa selfies staring ram Loch Doine Scotland redberries

Beautiful isn’t it?

x Nina x