Babies, Toddlers, Pigeons & a Dog

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As I’ve mentioned, we spent around 10 days in Finland last August, so I thought I’d finally share a few photos from the trip – mainly of my niece and nephew, so stop reading now if you’re not that into children! As these two rug rats’ parents were busy organising a wedding, we got to babysit them quite a lot – which both Matthew and I enjoyed very much. Plus it’s good practice I guess (although I had to do all the diaper changing, hmpf.)


Some precious auntie-niece time. I’m trying to show her how to blow a bubble with my chewing gum. This visit was a great bonding-experience for us as she was now old enough for us to do all kinds of girly things together (that box she’s holding is full of my earrings and necklaces that I let her have). She did seem to like me as she wouldn’t let me out of sight every time I saw her  🙂


My nephew (9 months at the time) was very interested in Matthew’s watch, and wasn’t scared of him at all like his older sister used to be.


We’re both equally concentrated.


He’s without a doubt at that age where he puts everything in his mouth (the more dangerous the better) and can’t stay still for more than a second,  so you really have to watch him aaaall the time.


Granny and granddaughter baking a sandy cake in the park.


It’s funny how my niece has got quite dark skin (well, on a Finnish scale at least) and her little brother is as fair as they come.


We spent one day in Helsinki as well where we finally got to meet this adorable little newcomer, who’s clearly not sure if he enjoys Matthew’s lap or not…


And here we’ve got the beautiful mother and big sister of the little 3-month old munchkin.


We also caught up with my friend who was about to pop then and now has a beautiful, healthy little baby girl.


Just had to include these photos from one morning when the kids were staying over at my parent’s place – Matthew’s clearly starting to realise how much work two energetic children are.


His face says it all, hahaha.


We did a lot of “chilling” with the kids, can’t wait till we have our own little family 🙂 (Please ignore what I’m wearing…)


My twin brother took Matthew on his first hunting trip, and to my surprise they managed to kill a few pigeons. Matthew came home with a little bag with two tiny pigeon breasts that he prepared and ate straight away:


And here he is tucking in to that poor little bird.


My twin brother and his wife welcomed a new member to their family some months ago; the very energetic dog Lara. We decided to take her out for a long walk one night, and even after two hours of brisk walking she was as lively as in the beginning. Don’t know how they do it!


As I’m a bit scared of dogs it’s not everyday you see me walking one, so just had to include this photo as evidence that I’ve done it at least once in my life.

We also went on a two-night cruise to Stockholm with my folks, and when you get on board you’ll have your photo taken (that you can buy later on). Nowadays they’ve upped their game  with these “slightly” photoshopped “magazine covers”. Must admit that we were all in stitches when we saw them, but still refused to pay the ridiculous price in the end.


Before we knew it, the holiday came to an end – way too soon! Luckily it’s only 2 months left until our next visit 🙂

x Nina x

PS. Really getting quite frustrated with taking poor quality photos with my phone – if anyone has got any recommendations for a good pocket-sized camera, let me know!