Baby Shower, Vomiting & Donuts

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The weather today has been glorious, but I can’t say I’ve been able to enjoy it properly because of all the drama that happened…It was Matthew’s sister’s baby shower (in pink below) and me and the girls were invited to Morningside to her in-laws’ place for a lovely brunch in the sun. It was so warm no tights were needed and hairy legs could see the sun for the first time in a long while!

Gorgeous glowing ladies with bumps!

I let Lana choose her dress and after almost going with her Cinderella outfit she chose the dress I made instead.  Pfeew. She quickly made new friends that she ran around with in the garden and the house. When we got home she told me she had 4 donuts – but I’m hoping she was just saying a random number!

So what was the drama you might wonder? Well, in the middle of us all tucking into the food, Maya decided to projectile vomit all over me and the patio. (Exactly what you want at your baby shower – a shower of vomit!…) No idea how so much milk can fit into someone so small! First I thought it was just what Lana used to do because of her reflux, and didn’t get too worried. But after Maya threw up again and eventually only brought up bile and went all pale and grey I got quite worried. So I called Matthew and he came and picked us up and we drove to the Sick Kids Hospital nearby. Lana stayed at the party with Nana because she was having too much fun and she would’ve been running around the hospital wreaking havoc in her donut high.

But in the car the colour returned to Maya’s wee face and she started smiling and babbling – so we felt a bit silly for bringing an all happy baby to the hospital…But I wanted to make sure she was ok, she’s only six months after all! And the doctor and the staff were so nice and said we did the right thing – just what you would imagine the staff at a children’s hospital to be like. Thumbs up to them!

The incredibly nice doctor checked Maya’s lungs, stomach, ears and throat, and she didn’t object at all.

After her check-up she was getting pretty hungry, so I fed her and we waited to see if the milk would come up again. It didn’t, so we were sent home. The doctor couldn’t say why she was throwing up, but at least it wasn’t an infection. Clearly there was something that needed to come out though! On the way home we stopped by Nana and Pop’s to pick up a partied out little girl who was still buzzing and looking a bit sunburnt in the face. Need to get sunscreen and hats for both girls asap!

Having just arrived at the hospital Matthew used Google voice recognition to send a message to his sister – and good old Google was trying to be funny and changed “Maya” to “my ass”….Comedy gold.

Have a fabulous week folks!

x Nina x