Back From Moominland

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Yet another visit to Finland is now over, sadly. This was the first visit with Lana, who was a little angel on all four flights with no signs of ear pain during take off and landing, pfeew! Lana got to meet so many new people and see so many new places that she’s all exhausted now and has done nothing but slept all day yesterday – I didn’t know what to do with myself with all the free time haha. 

Two weeks went by way too quickly and I have to admit that for each visit it’s getting more and more difficult to leave, especially now after Lana came along. I just hate the thought of her Finnish grandparents and family not being able to see her more frequently – it’s actually even harder than I expected…I really hope we can move there one day. For now I’ll just have to count the days until next visit!


We did have some issues when coming back as our first flight to Stockholm was cancelled due to strike, so instead of leaving on Tuesday morning we had to fly at 11 pm on Monday night and stay overnight at Arlanda airport before catching our second flight. Our airline Norwegian did arrange for us to stay in a Radisson hotel – after a couple of hours of waiting around…


The comfy bed and hotel brekkie did make up for the waiting a little bit though 🙂


Anyway, we didn’t return empty handed this time either – especially Lana who came back with pretty much a whole new wardrobe and other bits and bobs, which is great as many of her old clothes are starting to get too small. I, on the other hand, came home with a cold 🙁 Luckily Lana is seeping a lot more during the day now and Matthew’s able to work from home, which means that I’ve basically been sleeping all day long today!

Moomin mug Iittala Love

The moominfication of our home continues with this mug I couldn’t resist buying for Lana – it’s very appropriately called “Love”.


My mum had a little surprise for Lana and I: these beautiful traditional Kalevala necklaces. The small one is for Lana and the big one for me 🙂

Iittala Candle Holders Finnish Design

I also couldn’t resist buying these Iittala candle holders that you’ll find in most Finnish homes – apart from ours until now 🙂

As expected, I’ve got quite a few photos from the trip that I’ll be sharing over the coming weeks. Thank you family and friends for making it such a great two weeks – see you in summer!

x Nina x