Back Home in the Burgh!

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We’re back from a relaxing two-week holiday in Finland, and we didn’t come back empty-handed as you can see from the picture above! (Thank you family and friends!!) I also came back with a brand new camera that I’m learning to use, so the pictures in the blog will be of better quality from now on, yay. All in all we had a great stay, with a white Christmas and New Year’s, a couple of big get together’s with my friends, quality time with my family and my adorable little nephew of course!

The flights went fine and no one looked twice or even seemed to notice my belly, so there was no need to be nervous at all. On the other hand I had my huge winter coat on, which would’ve made it more difficult to spot my belly 🙂

Yesterday I started my maternity leave by cleaning the flat, unpacking, organising stuff, writing a to do-list, baking, cooking and reading – I could really get used to this life as a lady of leisure! Will try and take it a bit easier in the future though…

I’ll be blogging more about our stay and the last few weeks of the pregnancy, and I can warn you already that there will be loads of baby pictures 🙂 (We managed to take around 1000 photos during our holiday, so I’ll be busy going through them too!)


My mum bought a little dress for the baby – her first one!


My dad contributed with some Moomin stuff – our daughter needs to know all about her Swedish speaking Finn heritage from the moment she’s born 🙂


I haven’t seen any vests in the UK that are are easily opened with buttons on the side instead of having to pull the garment over the baby’s head, but I have a few of these now.


Same goes for body suits without sleeves, haven’t seen any in the UK either.


How cool aren’t these? 🙂

Have a good day y’all, I’m off into town to get a few final bits and pieces for the baby.

x Nina x