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It’s been a year since we moved to Edinburgh, and funnily enough we’re finding ourselves right where we started: staying with Matthew’s parents (thanks for having us again!). We were supposed to move in to our new flat in the Colonies in Stockbridge today, but due to an unexpected call from the letting agency that won’t be the case…

Apparently a pipe (namely the ‘shit pipe’) had been leaking for some time and needs to be fixed – which means that pretty much a whole wall will have to come down, making the place unlivable for up to a month (or so they say). This has made us think about whether we want to move in at all – we’ve heard a few horror stories about similar things happening in the same houses, and the whole area was in fact flooded just a couple of years ago. (If there’s one thing I can’t stand about flats/houses in this country, it’s dampness!) And the fear of another of the old pipes suddenly bursting wouldn’t be nice to live with either…

Anyway, for now we’ll stay with Matthew’s folks whilst looking for other flats. When the pipe is fixed we’ll go and inspect it and decide whether we want to move in or not. Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it? 🙂

These photos are taken more or less exactly one year ago, down by the shore in Leith area. (I forgot I had that skirt, need to locate it and start using it again!)

majakka leith1


Hope any of you haven’t had similar problems lately! Although this has been unfortunate it might also be a good thing in the sense that it has forced us to think about whether moving to this particular flat is smart or not. Will be wiser in a month’s time I guess!

x Nina x

PS. Happy Birthday to my bro Tom!!