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Yesterday I was watching a Finnish reality show about ice hockey players wives/girlfriends, and in that show one of the girlfriends was studying nutrition at the open University. I instantly googled it, found a course that starts today and signed up! I’ve been interested in nutrition for most of my adult life, so it is about time I start doing something about it! And hey, this clearly proves that it can be useful to watch reality TV garbage haha!

I’m not the best student though as I already missed the first class online…But that was only because I signed up two hours before it started and hadn’t received my login details. Will need to explain this to the teacher!

I’ve actually also come across a six-month course in digital marketing that I’m going to apply for. The course in nutrition only lasts one month, so it would end just before the other course starts – if I only get elected as one of the 15 they’re taking on the course. Wish me luck!

I think my thirst for knowledge is clearly connected with the girls starting nursery – I finally have time to stop, think and focus on myself. This is the first time in the past two years I’ve had some time to myself, and this is the result haha. Nice to focus on me for a change.

Oh btw, earlier today we saw three whitetail deer in our “back garden”. They had long white tails, which they stretched straight into the air when they ran away. They looked like something from a fairytale. Really hope no one will hunt them this hunting season 🙁

Hope you’re having a lovely night! I’m watching Finnish Married at First Sight but Matthew wants me to watch Mindhunter with him instead. Decisions, decisions 🙂

x Nina x