The Best Thing Ever

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I don’t really have a clear thought in my head, so maybe not the best moment to come here and blog – but just felt like writing something anyway! I mainly want to rave about how happy I am with Lana going to nursery and how many good things have come out of it already.

Lana’s been going to nursery for just over a month now, from Monday to Thursday, 7 hours per day. Every now and then (such as today) she’s saying she doesn’t want to go – but the minute Matthew drops her off at the park she’s all smiles. This morning she even tried to fake being ill so she could stay at home…A bit too much from a 3-year-old I think! She’s just not very good in the mornings and most days I have to literally drag her out of bed or dress her whilst she’s still half asleep…Don’t want to think about what she’ll be like as a teenager…Definitely taking after her father!

But, about the good stuff that has happened after she started. First of all, she’s a much less picky eater now, hallelujah! At first she ate everything at nursery and was still the same picky girl at home – but now she’s getting more adventurous at home too and we can start eating the same things more and more. Although there’s still a long way to go this is the best thing ever.

Another great thing about nursery is that Lana’s started talking more Swedish and is often singing in Swedish now too. Yay. Good manners is also something she’s picked up – and just last night she said “thank you for the food mamma” when she got up from the table. Although to be fair, she’s always been good at saying thank you – but still. She also said she’s going to “toaletten” – a more cultured way of saying toilet in Swedish. Glad someone else is trying to teach my kid some manners too!

At nursery they do a lot of arts and crafts, which the staff say Lana very much enjoys. She’s able to concentrate a lot better and is getting an outlet for her creative streak – and she enjoys painting and drawing more at home now too. Something I don’t mind at all! I’m so happy we can afford to have Lana in nursery now as it clearly has a positive effect on her!

Last Sunday I took part in my second trail running competition, another 18 kilometres in the forests of Nuuksio National Park. It felt good and quite easy, and again I came away thinking I want to keep doing it and sign up for my next event. It’s such a great way of combining being in nature with exercise! It was quite wet, muddy and slippy in many places, so I think I should probably get trail running shoes with a better grip. I was also just holding a water bottle in one hand and my phone in another, so need to get something for them too, for safety. Oh, and I came 5th out of the women (only 25 of us, but still) and 14th out of everyone running the 18K trail (53 participants)!

This weekend there won’t be any exercising though, just a lot of eating and drinking. Yup, it’s time for the annual girls’ trip, and this time we’re going to Berlin – a city I’ve wanted to visit for ages! Last year we gathered in Edinburgh, which was good as that was the last chance for it before we moved to Finland! The weather forecast says 24-25 degrees Celcius and sunny in Berlin this weekend, so looks like we’re going back into summertime! No idea what to wear though as I’m in such autumn mode and the nights will still be chilly, around 10 degrees. Hmmm. I guess the wine will keep me warm though!

Matthew will take the girls to my parents’ place for the weekend, and if I’m lucky they’ll go on Thursday evening already so I can rest a little before the trip. Our flight leaves early on Friday morning, so it’ll be good to not to be completely knackered…Maya’s stopped breastfeeding at night a couple of weeks ago, but I’m sure she’ll be fine without breastmilk for three days as well. Will just have to bring the pump with me!

Ok, time to try and do some knitting before Maya wakes up! I’m making a hat for myself, but at the moment it looks like it’ll fit Lana better…We’ll see.

x Nina x

PS. Since this is such a random post I might as well include a little TV tip: Patrick Melrose is a brilliant (but slightly disturbing) mini TV series – check it out!